Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks -- My Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday of the year - Thanksgiving, it just edges out Fourth of July in my book because of what it stands for – Giving Thanks. Teammates ask me all time – what gives with the constant Fired Up Attitude Alden??? Some who don’t know me throw the bullshit flag at me and call it false motivation until we spend about 2 minutes together – which should be about how long it takes you to read what I’m about to write…in my book Attitude is the number one thing you need to control before you tackle any goal you have in mind – especially if you’re looking to work on your body – Attitude is 100% up to you – no matter how powerfully positive or miserably negative you are – you’ve made that decision and you’ve made it based on a perspective that you’ve allowed your brain to accept. Your perspective in life fuels your Attitude – think you’re gonna fail, then you will; think you’re fat, then no matter what anyone tells you – you’ll remained focused on being fat; conversely, think about winning, then you’ll be thinking about how to win, and you’ll be on your way to victory; want to lose 10lbs, then you’ll determine how to lose it, and make it happen…no matter what it is, how you view your challenge is directly dependent on what perspective you adopt, and that perspective is your Attitude’s foundation.

So what’s this got to do with Thanksgiving? Everything! It’s about everything that’s TRULY important about your perspective in life – I give thanks for being able to move, to see, to feel, and especially to love my family and friends. We ALL get caught up in the rat race of life and when we do, we usually lose our perspective on the things that REALLY matter versus the things that seem to matter at the moment.

This Thanksgiving – take a moment to give thanks to the things that matter most in your life, and once you do, you’ll realize that you’ve discovered the power source to your own Fired UP Attitude…and if you’re struggling to figure out what thanks you should give – drop down and push’em out – then give thanks to the fact you can do a push-up – I know whole bunch of veterans that wish they could do what you CAN do.

Happy ThanksGiving – CHARLIE MIKE - ALDEN


Joe G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, guys and gals. I'm thankful for my P.Pushup.

At Day 36, continuing the mission, I noticed yesterday my running has improved ever so subtly due to the awesome anaerobic effect of the PP workout, and the fact that it is strengthening my torso. In a timed 6-miler (24 laps around the high school track near my house), I jogged across the finish line in 44:45, way faster than expected.

Life's grand.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"...give thanks to the fact you can do a push-up – I know whole bunch of veterans that wish they could do what you CAN do."

Are you going to make anything for those that can't?

dave said...

This blog entry is exactly why we follow your lead my friend... Happy Thanksgiving.

Alden Mills said...

I asked my SEAL teammate Tom Rancich, CEO of VRHabilis, to field your question -- since the heart and soul of Tom's company is opening wide the doors of employment to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- no matter their physical status -- Tom, you have the platform:

My reply would be--"Yes---what do you want? I am being totally serious Mike--if you tell us your specific circumstance we will develop a specific solution. We call it "Mass Customization to Maximize Human Potential (tm)"---once we have a solution in production, we can customize it to achieve a specific goal---but we need to know what that goal is
---help us. http://vrhabilis.com/

And Mike, there are a few Perfect products that might work for you now: try out the Perfect Pullup from the Australian position (on your back) or use the Rev when you're sitting in a chair.

Tom Rancich

Joe G. said...

You guys are like Superman sans the cape.

Joe G. said...

Hey, guys –

I was thinking that one of the most interesting parts of the chart that comes with the Perfect Pushup is the two days of pure rest before the 20th day of the workout, at which point you try for a new Max. Interesting. Also pretty enlightening for armchair enthusiasts like yours truly, because we instinctively know that you have to rest (duh), but we do not exactly how, or for how long, I guess I should say. This is probably way more than you care to know, but I am at Day 19 of the second time going through the 21-day workout and, I have to tell you, if a person is conscientiously following this chart he/she can literally see the body changing in appearance. The Perfect Pushup is not magic, it is science. It isn’t easy (except in the beginning – I maxed out at about 22 on Day 1 and I was thinking hey, I can be like a Navy SEAL!) but it is RELIABLE. That is to say, if you follow this program you WILL see results. The problem with my gym membership was I did not have anyone who appeared authoritative who walked up to me and said, “Welcome to (gym’s name), Mr. Joe. Here is a TOTALLY RELIABLE workout plan, just for you. Take it, read it, and trust me – IT WILL WORK.” Never saw it. It’s not there. There are 40 different opinions from 40 different personal trainers sort of wandering around. God bless ‘em. I have no doubt that their intentions are good, but meanwhile I have this highly reliable little device that I bought from a hugely successful department store chain about two miles from my home. I guess you have been sufficiently bored with The Rest of the Story. Day 20 tomorrow. I have never looked forward to working out before. What a confession. Ouch. I’m 49 YEARS OLD. Wife says I look much younger.

Sierra Hotel said...

Hey great words. Just got your power pushups and needed them. I've decided to get serious about getting back in shape (former Army SF) but my wrists just can't take regular pushups. Your product has made them possible again, and allows me to use my body weight for a great workout. Thanks.

Alden Mills said...

Mike -- in the next week or so, a Specialist in the use of the Perfect Pushup/Pullup to assist in re-hab situations will be guest blogging. Thanks for your patience!

Send me an email to getfit@perfectpushup.com with your address and t-shirt size and I'll send you a "Get Ripped" t-shirt.