Thursday, February 28, 2008

HOOYAH to a Proud Mom!

Perfect Teammates, proud mother Chonne posted to my Valentine's Day blog with some great questions about her son's military aspirations ... and how the Perfect Pushup and Pullup could help him achieve his dreams. Chonne, your questions fired me up and I'm sharing my answers with the readers of Charlie Mike.

Chonne! Thanks for the e-mail and love the passion for helping your son - if only every son could be that lucky to have a Mom like you - HOOYAH!

Now, about joining the military/Coast Guard - obviously I'm biased - but believe me when I write this - joining the military can be one of the most rewarding experiences a young man or woman can make in their lives! The leadership responsibility and teamwork experience will be second to none and serve him so well for the rest of his adult life - I STRONGLY recommend that he further investigate this option - any Fire department in the country would be lucky to have a young man or woman who served honorably in one of our military branches.

About the Perfect Pullup, yes we have an active military discount - send an e-mail to asking about the discount. Regarding the Perfect Pullup and Perfect Pushup - I absolutely believe these two products will make significant improvements in his strength and endurance as it relates to the physical demands of the military and the fire department. In the Navy alone, every sailor is tested on his/her upper body strength by counting the number of pushups and pullups they can do - these are critical exercises in assessing a sailor/soldier's physical fitness level.

Keep him Fired UP and stay Proud Mom!


Monday, February 11, 2008

This is NOT a Valentine's Day Post


This is NOT a Valentine's Day post - I'm not much into a holiday that totally blows the element of surprise when honoring your girl - she expects something on Valentine's Day and sets us up for serious potential for disappointment. Which is I why I much prefer giving surprise gifts to my wife when she least expects it - much lower bar for success!

As I mentioned in the last post, the Perfect Team has been working hard to launch the Perfect Pullup - we're proud of this product - it will definitely take your workouts to the next level...speaking of which, I've been working on some new workouts that combine the Perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pullup. I like working muscle groups synergistically - like Chest and Triceps (Perfect Pushup) and Back and Biceps (Perfect Pullup). The workouts are simple but challenging: on the pushup side try to get to 200 pushups in a four hour period but see how few sets you can do it in - for example - if you did 10 sets of 20 - then your score is 10, the lower the score the better - my best score is 4. Good luck.

On the Pullup side, I love the pyramid approach of 1 to 10 - doubletap 10 (do it twice) then back down - it's a 110 pullups - and in between each set of pullups do twice the number of pushups - Awesome workout...Let me know how it goes...oh, and good luck on V-day, I'll be staying away from jewelry - too high risk.