Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome Aboard New Teammates!

Team Perfect Teammates: Welcome Aboard! You don’t realize how much it Fires Me UP to read about your journeys of overcoming obstacles - - it’s why I started this company 8 years ago, and your stories of success are what fuel all of us at Team Perfect to work tirelessly at innovating products and workouts to help all of us get the most out of our lives.

Keep the inspiration coming – your stories are ten times more powerful than you can imagine for folks around the world who are facing the same challenges you’ve already overcome – there’s nothing more rewarding then helping others unlock their potential – HOOYAH and CHARLIE MIKE TEAMMATES!

HOOYAH! (SEAL speak for Fired UP!)
CHARLIE MIKE (radio code for Continue Mission*)


* I'm on top of Mt. Whitney in this picture: a personal mission of mine was to climb Mt. Whitney before my 40th birthday -- which I did! AMM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Perfect Gear Essentials

Teammates, every once in a while I talk about other “perfect” products – that is, products not by Team Perfect, but by entrepreneurs that share the same ideals we do when it comes to function, quality and purpose. Here’s my latest, shameless introduction of a product that I feel is worthy to mention on CHARLIE MIKE. The company is called SilverTech and they make socks – really good ones…and before I go further, I want you to know I stand nothing to financially gain from this post except the gratification of helping a fellow entrepreneur who’s trying to bring “perfect” into the marketplace – and I respect that.

Socks? What gives Alden?? Here’s a little known fact – I’m a sock nut. In SEAL Team training they make you obsess over taking care of your feet (I’ve been diving with waterproof bags just for my socks) – after all, if your feet get damaged your mobility to complete the mission is dramatically reduced – instructors and teammates alike would hound you on ensuring your feet are well taken care of. I’ve carried this fetish with me into civilian life and I’m constantly T&E’ing (testing and evaluating) socks – I probably have well over a 100 pair – drives my wife nuts!

Over the past six months, I’ve been T&E’ing SilverTech’s socks – the inventor claims that they are the first socks with actual silver in them which is supposed help wick the sweat from my feet (my feet sweat a lot); fight fungus and odor; and lastly, can self regulate the temperature depending on the environment (i.e. keep my feet warm when it’s cold outside, or keep my feet cool when I’m working out). I can’t really comment on the fungus or even the odor – never really had a problem with that, but I can comment on the sweaty feet challenges and temperature regulation function – on both counts they work, and work well. SilverTechs are now one of my three staples of socks that I use: Smartwool, Balega, and SilverTech. I use the SilverTechs for short to medium cardio workouts, and work/travel days. (I believe the inventor speaks the truth about preventing fungus, and God only knows how much fungus is laying in ambush on airport screening carpets!). They’re an excellent all-day sock (many socks I have to swap out during the day – not SilverTechs). As a veteran, I took note that the same silver fiber technology found in SilverTech socks was originally developed by the Defense Department for use by the Military – unfortunately after I left active duty.

Anyhow, I told the inventor how pleased I am with his invention and he’s graciously offered any of us a 20% discount from the SilverTech site: just use the code “Perfect” at checkout.

Meanwhile, keep working on your mission to live a life that counts!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Reach Your Goals: Pt 2

Teammates, to recap, the key question is how do you stay Fired UP to keep trying – to keep doing – to keep persevering – to keep from quitting – to keep from giving up – to keep persisting – to keep pressing on after you’ve had your failures or, as Dr Seuss would say, “your hang-ups and bang-ups.”? Here are my last two secrets!

2. The bigger your goal the longer it will take you to accomplish it – which means you need to have the stamina to maintain course and speed when things get bleak. I’ve always found and firmly believe in the concept of healthy body = healthy mind. Get yourself in shape! Your brain relies on your body for nourishment – to give yourself the best possible chances for success you need to keep your brain and body partnership thriving through exercise and great nutrition.

3. Assuming you have the stamina to press on through thick and thin, you’ll still need protection against the “quitter demons” – these are the little voices you’ll hear in your head or from those you love and trust or from repeated failures. To beat the little bastards back use the weapon of Perspective. Remind yourself of your position in life compared to those less fortunate – and dig deep here – example – you can read, remember how many can’t or perhaps once could, but no longer can – that no one is shooting at you – that food will be on your table tonight – that you have friends, loved ones, clothes, so on and so on. Unlike thousands struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, you have a roof over your head. The key here is appreciating the perspective of your situation in comparison to other things in life. It’ll keep you grounded and on track when others might want you to join their misery…after all misery loves company!

As you attack your 2010 goals, I hope you’re able to use these to keep your persistence engine stoked, because at the end of day, persistence is the only thing that gets, and keeps, you going to achieve your goal. I’ll leave you with my favorite quotation of all-time:

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "Press On!" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. J. Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.

CHARLIE MIKE – (Press On in military speak!) ALDEN

P.S. A huge goal for me was to climb Mt. Whitney before I turned 40 -- my picture is proof positive. Read all about it at my SEAL buddy Tim Grizzell's Fire in the Gut website! AMM

Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Reach Your Goals: Pt 1

Teammates, how do you stay Fired UP? It’s a great question and one that I hear all the time. News flash – you’re not going to be Fired UP all the time…yep it’s true, "I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you." Dr. Seuss continues,"unslumping yourself is hard to do.” This quotation is from one of my favorite all-time books Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss: it acknowledges what every one of us will deal with in life…and some of us will have more “bang-ups and hang-ups” as we dare to do things differently and we challenge ourselves in new ways. When you push the envelope in whatever you do – you will fail – failing is a fact of life – the key is understanding that you only ever fail if you never learn from your “failure". Thomas Edison once said he learned over 5,000 ways not to invent a light bulb – I learned 1,475,000 dollars worth of how NOT to launch a fitness product – in other words, you’re not learning if you’re not Failing!

So really, the key question is how do you stay Fired UP to keep trying – to keep doing – to keep persevering – to keep from quitting – to keep from giving up – to keep persisting – to keep pressing on after you’ve had your failures, or as Dr. Seuss would say, “your hang-ups and bang-ups.”?

Having failed many more times in life than I’ve succeeded, I humbly offer you my three “secrets” for staying Fired UP in the face of adversity – here goes:

1. When you set your goal – the thing you want to accomplish and are willing to devote time to it – first take the time to understand and visualize why this particular goal is important to you. Literally define the goal’s purpose – example: I want to create a fitness company – its purpose to me is: working in an industry that will always be a part of my daily life and the joy I receive from helping others take control of their bodies is immeasurable – furthermore, I want financial freedom and scheduling freedom to be with my family during the most precious years of their young adult lives. I’ve linked this purpose so strongly to my goal that failure to achieve isn’t an option – it’s a similar linkage I had when conducting SEAL training, my attitude was they (the instructors) would have to kill me before I’d quit. I promise you, if you spend the time creating this linkage of purpose with your goal and you visualize both the pleasure of achieving it with the pain of not achieving it, you will have a created a foundation for tireless perseverance and there will be no brick wall thick enough or tall enough to stop you.

Part 2: Secrets 2 and 3 to staying Fired Up in the face of adversity.

CHARLIE MIKE – (Continue Mission in military speak!) ALDEN

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joe Gunter Activates His Abs

Teammates, Joe Gunter needs no introduction! He has been a Perfect Swim Buddy since 2008 -- and his life-changing journey can be summed up in one word: EXCELLENT! Bravo Zulu Joe! Thanks for sharing your story to date with the CHARLIE MIKE Teammates. AMM

The year was 2008 and the person was Alden Mills. I was reading a blog post he wrote, where he made reference to the transversus abdominis – the muscle below your belly button. (It gets hard as a rock when you do a sit-up.) Having recently studied a basic Latin course, and remembering my younger years when I worked as a landscaper and learned Latin botanical names, I had one of those Eureka moments when you don’t necessarily shout “Wow!” but you realize you just learned something very, very important.

I discovered my transversus abdominis. It was a good feeling. You have one too, of course.

From there, I had to face the cold hard fact of the matter: I had neglected my transversus abdominis for my entire adult life. Maybe we did some sit-ups in P.E. class when I was a boy, but that was long ago, and this important abdominal muscle was about as atrophied as atrophy can get.

The pushup is an active plank.” I can hear Alden Mills’ YouTube-video words as I type. I already knew that the pushup alone was a super exercise, because practically every physical fitness program in every military and law enforcement unit in the world uses it extensively. But Mills perfected it by inventing the rotating handles. Any child can tell this after using the Perfect Pushup for about ten seconds.

Back to the Latin. Incidentally, if you hate Latin, join the club. Almost everyone hates Latin, except teachers. Still, if you want to study botany or anatomy, you are going to learn some by default, because muscles and bones and plants have Latin names, like the one mentioned above.

Look at any picture of the human body where the muscle groups are labeled, as in Gray’s Anatomy. Look at those Latin labels. Look at those muscle groups. Are you using them?

Most people are not using them.

Don’t be like most people.

Be smart. Be strong. Be ready.

Join the Enlightenment

That’s my story

Joe Gunter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Perfect Pullup 101

Teammates – check out what Julie and Julia have to say about doing Perfect Pullups over on the Perfect Fitness Facebook fan page! That would be the amazing Julia-White: Ok I finally put my PERFECT PULLUPS to the test..Uhmm..Australian pullups are FREAKING HARD!! Julie Erickson, Team Perfect’s Marketing Coordinator, agreed: They are SO awesome! The standing rows and Australians are killer but such GREAT stepping stones to doing full-on pullups. Gotta do your negatives too, those babies are clutch for working up to doing full pullups.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about to do a Perfect Pullup by taking a look at these previously published CHARLIE MIKE blogs. Still have questions? Ask a teammate for help!

What is a negative pullup? How can knowing how to do one help me master a pullup?

Want to know how to increase the numbers of pullups you can do?

Teach your kids to do pullups.

What if you want to combine a pullup and a pushup workout?

Like I've said before, if you find yourself at a plateau, get that step ladder out and start doing negatives – I promise you – if you do the work, you will be rewarded with success – the key is DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Don't let naysayers get the better of you. Remember, misery loves company – so let’em be miserable, while you Pull your way to victory!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Jim's Fitness Journey: Conclusion

Teammates, this post ends Jim's series of blogs on his journey to become Navy SEAL fit -- but the work continues! Just ask Jim. And if you want to check in with him and other Perfect Fitness teammates, please join the Perfect Fitness Facebook fan page. CHARLIE MIKE Jim!! AMM

I resumed my regular workouts after I got dismissed from the army and kept on following the “SEAL training pattern” which also helped me develop a “never give up” attitude helping me a lot with my job. Back at work I was assigned to a “special task” for which I couldn’t find any serious support on how to deal with, no matter how hard I searched. Not accepting failure as an option though I finally managed to fulfill the given task on my own powers with 100% success! It was probably that “fire in the gut” that kept me going.

Years passed by and further internet searching on fitness led me to “Perfect Pushup”. This community of motivated people has managed to keep me fired up over the years and looking to further improving myself, not only in terms of fitness but also as a person. What can one say about Alden’s inspirational posts but a great THANK YOU!

Looking back all I can say is that bringing change to one's life requires a stimulus usually external but then equally important is the person’s own will to succeed and make change happen. it definitely requires being open minded so as to manage to question one’s beliefs and be able to accept the coming changes, no matter if it’s fitness, work or other aspects of personal life someone is dealing with.

Set short realistic goals that will take you to your final objective.

Maybe the road to improvement is hard (yes, those stomach muscle cramps is something I don’t ever want to go through again) but it’s definitely worth the effort, as Navy SEALs say “It’s mind over matter, if you don’t mind then it doesn’t matter”.

Jim in Greece

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jim's Fitness Journey: Part III

Teammates, more fitness inspiration from Jim K, a sensational athlete -- and great communicator -- from Greece. He's a charter member of Team Perfect! Did you take the challenge I made the last time Jim blogged, to sign up for the weekly fitness challenges on our Perfect Fitness Facebook fan page? Check it out! AMM

One year before enlisting for my obligatory military service, I purchased a book by Dockery which got me into all round fitness, running, lifting weights, swimming & calisthenics. It felt really good! This triggered me to do some further searching on Navy SEALs and I decided to attempt Stew Smith’s “BUD/S warning order” (picture above is of one of Stew Smith's books). I would have a free weights session at the gym and then get back home for a one hour session of calisthenics (not recommended to anyone since it can cause serious injuries due to severe muscle strain).

Those Navy SEAL fitness books managed to boost my endurance and fitness levels to a point that I’d never thought of I was capable of achieving. Before I started doing the workouts in those books I had considered myself to be fit because I could lift some serious weights even though I wasn’t bulky at all. This showed how wrong I was, free weights didn’t offer the functional strength “SEAL fitness” did!

I couldn’t join the special forces because of terrible eye sight (I’ve had eye surgery recently) so I said to myself “if you can’t join them at least why not be as fit as these guys are?” I stopped lifting weights and got into the advanced level of "BUD/S warning order" with all my heart, always keeping up with the pace, just driven only by my personal will to become “SEAL fit” .

Excessive running (6-7 minutes/mile) almost daily, swimming almost one hour each day, and calisthenics had managed to reduce my body fat to a level I had never imagined. Yes, I’d exercise about 3 hours a day and there was a short period that I’d suffer from serious stomach cramps because of those workouts’ intensity. Those cramps were probably the hardest pain I’ve ever endured so far, it felt as if someone was cutting through my stomach with a knife and they lasted for about 2 weeks. But even this couldn’t keep away from exercising, and I kept saying to myself to be patient and that they’d go away when my body got accustomed to this physical exertion, and they did. Today I can recognize the symptoms and prevent this from occurring but I was determined to reach the fitness levels Navy SEALs had set and there was nothing that could stop me.

My military service (in Greece) was rather frustrating for me because I had reached the fitness levels set by Navy SEALs and I was determined to stay there. I did a daily workout on my own and in fact people were giving me strange looks because I was the only one in the camp who would exercise voluntarily. I recall a competition between our company and another one where I was asked to compete against x-special forces guy on pushups, he kept yelling and shouting that he’d beat me easily but in fact he dropped face first into the ground and I kept on going for an extra twenty reps before being stopped by the cadets who had the roles of referees (I could keep pushing out more reps though). By the way, that guy never talked to me again!

Part IV: Maintaining Navy SEAL fitness level after military service

Jim K

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tom Rancich on Teamwork

Look who came to visit Team Perfect! Teammates, for those of you who don't know him, former SEAL Tom Rancich was the first guest blogger on CHARLIE MIKE. Tom and I go way back! I met Tom during BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training. I was class leader of BUD/S Class 181 but was pulled out for medical reasons and rolled into Class 182. Tom was the class leader of BUD/S Class 182 – when I came in halfway through as the assistant class leader. Tom was pulled for medical reasons but I was secured. And the story Tom tells is that he was the one to get my guys into shape, thus making my job ever so much easier!

And here we are, years later, and Tom's still making my job easier. As longtime Perfect Fitness teammate Nancy in NC said, "SEALs are all about teamwork [] Any tips on team building and motivation?" Tom Rancich was and is the best leader ever -- that being said, I'm re-running a blog from him on Teamwork -- thanks brother!

Question from Nancy in NC: So, you and Alden are obviously great motivators. How do you take a group of individuals, with their own self interests and personal goals, and motivate them to work as a team? I'm not referring to exercise here, but more team building at work or in a civic club situation.

Answer: The very first thing to do is to define what your organizational needs are. Very few organizations actually need a true team, or a least a team as I choose to define it--(Team- A group of people who have undergone advanced/ specialized training and been specifically forged into a highly committed, capable, mission specific, performance oriented operational entity).

But rather they need to improve their group performance (again, as I chose to define it. Group- A task oriented compilation of people based on individual skills relative to the projected skills required). Now the reason I define things this way is that I assert that the dictionary definitions are inadequate to properly define the future requirements of the team/group and thus makes achieving that status highly unlikely.

So the first thing that an organization really needs to do is clearly and accurately define what are their:

1. Goals
2. Mission
3. Vision
4. Critical values
5. Organizational imperatives
6. Organizational philosophies

From that start you will have defined the type of people and the type of interaction/communication you need. It is a lot of work, but this will also clearly show how people are to be and most importantly, the benefit to the individuals for being that way.

I have long believed that all SEAL training and operational successes come down to two simple critical values that all SEALs must possess: Never quit, Never leave your buddy. That is the bedrock foundation of everything else we do.

Tom Rancich
Lt. Commander Thomas Rancich, US Navy SEAL (Ret.) is the co-founder of VRHabilis, a disabled veteran-owned small business that seeks to employ the highly trained and motivated veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for work in construction and related fields. Rancich and co-founder Elliott Adler are pioneering the concept of using adaptive technology to bridge the gap between industrial and medical technology. Their company contributes proceeds to two worthy causes: a fund for the development of adaptive technology that will allow disabled veterans to pursue their desired career path and the EOD Wounded Warrior Fund.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Super Bowl Parties: Are You Ready?

Teammates, CM SEAL Team blogger Mike Ryan is back with an update of his Labor Day classic "Don't Fall Off the Wagon". What's more dangerous than a Labor Day bar-b-que? A Super Bowl Buffet! Fortunately, there's still time to prepare your Dive Plan. How about throwing some Perfect Pushups in front of the TV? Challenge your friends to push out twenty perfect pushups each time your team scores a touchdown. Just remember, you'll be pushing 'em out too! AMM

The goal: To navigate a Super Bowl party successfully.

Keep in mind that your body, to feel satisfied and full, needs four things:
Volume * Fat * Fiber * Protein. So my prescription for preparing for a Super Bowl party is simple. You want to arrive feeling full! BEFORE you leave, drink tons of water. Prepare a big dark green leafy salad or a plate of at least 2 cups of grilled/steamed vegetables like broccoli or spinach. Throw 3 oz of turkey on top and use a good quality salad dressing made with olive oil. That's the formula:
1. Water
2. Fat
3. Vegetables
4. Protein

Drink as much water as you can -- almost, but not, to the point of feeling sick. Are you drinking half your body weight in ounces of water daily? For the really hardcore, swallow a tablespoon of high quality olive oil on your way out the door to get a sensation of saity.

When you get to the party, go crazy eating vegetables. Make sure that protein is part of everything you eat. Let's face it, an all day celebration with a sporting event as its centerpiece (like the Super Bowl) is a dangerous time if you are trying to stick to a nutrition plan. Just one poor meal can erase an entire week of productive training. Let me put this into perspective. A typical weekend get-together usually consists of a bar-b-que with an assortment of appetizers and cocktails. We're talking, for most people, a minimum of 1,500 calories with 81 grams of fat. In just one meal! It will take you 1.5-2.0 hours of moderate to intense exercise to burn off that many calories. This assumes that there was no net gain in your net caloric intake over the previous week. Bottom line, it’s not worth it.

Here’s a better meal. 1.5 chicken breasts, 20 grilled asparagus, ½ avocado, one whole tomato, and about 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Put the oil in a flat dish and dip coat veggies first – meat last. Some of it will burn off on the grill. Salt, pepper, and season everything to taste or use Santa Maria Grill seasoning on everything! This meal only sets you back about 570 calories in an almost perfect 40:30:30 PRO, CHO, FAT ratio. Just remember, everything else you eat adds to the caloric values above – so watch out!

Here are some other tips to keep you on the right track.

Avoid all dips – the better they look and taste, the faster you should run. Buffets up the ante! Everyone's favorite -- the traditional 7-layer dip weighs in at a hefty 3,696 calories!

Avoid mixed drinks – this is a killer. Mixers can be as much as 300 calories of sugar per cocktail. Aim for wine, soda water mixers, or shots. Try to keep slamming water.

Chuck the buns. You can save almost 150 calories of useless carbs by chucking the white bread.

One final tip.

Plan for a brutal training session at 0600 the morning after your festivities. (When I say brutal, I mean 1 hour of "dry-heave difficult": the worst workout ever.) You have two choices – a) eat anything you want and throw up what’s left 30 min into your workout or b) eat my meal, sleep in, and blow off that workout!

Don’t quit. Stay focused. Remember, you only get one go-around. Live with Intensity.

Mike Ryan

Michael Ryan is the President and CEO of Intensity Nutrition LLC. Founded by former Navy SEALs, Intensity develops super-premium sports supplements for professional, semi-professional, tactical, and functional athletes. Intensity goes live in Feburary 2010: stay tuned! Mike and Alden met during “running remediation” at Basic Underwater SEAL (BUDs/s) training. Special thanks to BMC Pardue for the introduction.

Jim's Fitness Journey: Part II

Before I turn the spotlight over to Jim K, a sensational athlete -- and great communicator -- from Greece, I have a challenge for you: sign up for the weekly fitness challenges on our Perfect Fitness Facebook fan page. Jim's journey to Navy SEAL fitness levels demonstrates the power of having a "swim buddy" -- a fellow fanatic to show the way! Every week Perfect Pushup users challenge each other to take their workouts to the next level. AMM Back to Jim --

"A few years later I got to high school where kids were much more competitive. One summer I started doing pushups and abs to improve my overall condition. Maybe the form wasn't correct but at least I was trying! At that point I'd started going fishing with my dad where I'd row for quite extended periods of time, and I begun to realize that exercise wasn't actually so bad even though the palms of my hands would get sore with blisters and tears from extended rowing periods on a heavy wooden fishing boat.

Even without an exact workout or strict exercise pattern I kept food intake at normal levels; the big change came when I got to college where I became friends with a guy (John) who probably was "the ultimate fighting machine" on campus. He was seriously involved in weight lifting, kick boxing and various martial arts and showed me organized workouts either for weight lifting or calisthenics. I owe him big for all his good advice. This also led to further weight loss and I have managed to maintain this weight ever since (probably I could use an extra 1-2 kg though)!

So there I was, I had managed to shed weight (those extra 4-5kg) and would hit the gym almost daily making steady progress until one day I came across on the internet Navy SEAL fitness books."

Part 3: Navy SEAL fitness books and their impact on a civilian athlete

Jim K.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Ready to Run a Race in 2010!

Teammates, Perfect Fitness is a sponsor of the Presidio10, a 10 mile/10k run across the Golden Gate Bridge (the picture above is from last year's race). Please join Team Perfect as we storm the Golden Gate! Mark your calendars: 18th April 2010!

Perhaps some of you are looking to RUN your first race! I'm going to re-run a blog from running expert and entrepreneur, Mr. Fire in the Gut himself, Tim Grizzell on how to segue from walking to running.

Start with a positive attitude! That is what will inspire you to sign up for a race in the first place and it will carry you across the finish line. I like to refer to it as “FIRE IN THE GUT!”

If running has not been part of your weekly exercise program for many years, you will want to ease into it. From a physical perspective, you need to condition your muscles, joints and tendons for running. The last thing you want is an overuse injury by jumping into it too quickly.

On the mental side of things, you do not want to lose your motivation and desire to run by doing too much at the beginning. I will say though that you are going to have to push yourself out of the comfort zone. Walking is great exercise and for walkers/hikers, running is somewhat of a foreign exercise. Yet – running will not feel as awkward the more you do it.

In terms of training tips for easing into running:

-After you have properly warmed up, run a quarter mile, walk a quarter mile, repeat. I would try to do this running program three days a week.

-Once you are comfortable with the above program for some weeks, I would try running a half mile, walk a quarter mile (or a half mile if you need it), and repeat.

-I would just keep doing this type of training until you have worked up to a program where you can run a mile without walking. Just try to continue to building from here and give yourself small victories.

-Eventually, running will not feel awkward and you will probably start to run and not want to stop.

I will finish by sharing some personal thoughts on running versus walking. When I am running, I am generally thinking about a number of things that have nothing to do with the environment around me. My mind tends to wander and I come up with a lot of creative ideas and thoughts. Also, I am an “endorphin junkie.” Walking, on the other hand, produces some different feelings. I tend to become more aware of the environment around me, especially if I am hiking in the mountains or along an ocean side cliff. Although my mind is free to wander when walking, it is not with the same intensity as running.

Fired Up!


Teammates -- follow Tim Grizzell on Twitter @timgrizzell or check out his website, Fire in the Gut. Some of Team Perfect will be running across the Presidio10 finish line wearing Fire in the Gut apparel!