Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Teammates, we're approaching the holiday season with the kickoff of Halloween tomorrow night - remember what this means - it's your opportunity to take control of your decisions of what you put in your mouth. Temptation will be great from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving Turkey to Holiday excess - the holidays are the most challenging times of the year for many. I encourage you to view it as an opportunity - an opportunity to enjoy yourself (in moderation!) while making (and keeping) a commitment to yourself to improve your body.

Be successful at taking control of your body during the holidays and you'll have the confidence to be successful any day of the year moving forward. There are few things in life we can control - those that we can are our Brain, Body and Attitude - learn to control these three and you'll discover the keys to living the life you dream.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Ironman Strength Training Regime

John L. sent his Perfect Pushup Ironman story to -- thank you!! A Get Ripped t-shirt is heading his way -- John, please let the readers of Charlie Mike know how you like the Perfect Pullup and how you do in the Silverman Triathlon.

Dear Alden,

This past winter I purchased the Perfect Pushup (PP). I used it as part of my strength training for Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon which I completed in September 2008.

This was my first Ironman and strength training was a big part of the program at least two days a week, often more.

The PP is great because it is right there at home and easy to store and use. It is the best invention ever. The pushups feel natural and you can definitely get into a rhythm. I have a lot of definition around my shoulders, collar bone, and back.

This weekend I am going to purchase the Perfect Pullup. I am training for the Silverman Triathlon and this will be a big help with core strength which is so important in fast triathlon times.

John L., Chicago, IL
The Picture is from Ironman Wisconsin 2008: I was 1100/2500

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Back In the Swing of the Game

Eric F in Florida is a Charlie Mike reader with an inspiring golf/rehab story --

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much your product has impacted my life. About 9 years ago I blew out my right shoulder in a skiing accident. I had Bankart repair surgery and my right shoulder never really felt 100%. I always heard some cracking and it felt weak. 2 years ago I fell and blew out my left shoulder. I tore some ligaments but after the MRI the doctors opted for physical rehabilitation instead of surgery. I completed the rehab and my left shoulder never got better. At the time of my second accident I was a 1 handicap and golf was my only true passion. Even after rehab I could not grip a golf club without pain and if I tried to extend my left arm around my body pain shot through arms, shoulder and back. Needless to say I have not played golf since.

3 months ago I purchased the Perfect Pushup for my wife as she was complaining about her lack of upper body strength. I would sit there and watch her do the exercises and really wish I had the strength in my left shoulder to join her. Well one day I said to myself that I will never build strength if I don’t start trying. I started out at the lowest possible number of reps and did the prescribed program for beginners. 2 months later I am at the third level (14,10,8) on the three main exercises. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I am stronger than ever and I have no pain in either shoulder. I attribute this to the design of the Perfect Pushup and the way it takes stress off of your joints. I can grip a golf club without pain and yesterday I swung a club in my yard without any pain. I am going to try to start hitting pitch shots this week and see if I can move up to full shots.

Thanks so much for your product!

Eric F, Florida"

Eric – first and foremost, your story totally stokes the Perfect Team’s Fires! Because you took the time to tell us about your challenges, we’re sending you a special Perfect Pushup t-shirt. (One of my teammates will be in touch with you for your size and mailing address.)

Please keep us posted on how you crush the ball and get back to “scratch” golf!

FIRED UP and of course – CHARLIE MIKE!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fear of Success or Fear of Change?

Guest blogger: Tom Rancich

Charlie Mike reader LG had a question relating to my last month's blog, "Identifying the Enemy".

"Fear of success. Sounds stupid I know but being overweight/ unfit is a handy excuse for certain things that can be seen to be 'wrong' in my life. If I get healthy and these other 'issues' are still there then what am I going to blame? The potential to have to deal with thornier issues than getting healthy can make finding excuses to put off exercise pretty attractive. I get fit and I'm going to have to deal with that low self esteem/shyness issue that I have (some people would lol at the thought of me being shy..but I am...honest). I know getting healthy would actually help but the fear is still there. Does any of that make sense?” [LG]

This makes perfect sense and I see it frequently. In fact, I would say that fear of success, or certain derivitives of fear of success, is what keeps most of us from achieving well beyond our current station in life/health/fitness. I had a swim coach, Coach Skeehan, who told a group of 14-15 year olds, “You don’t know it, but you have already made a life long commitment to fitness—as young as you are, your bodies have already been conditioned to be active, and if you don’t stay active you will wind up overweight, miserable and dead.” Okay, it was the seventies, all love was tough! But he made a good point—If I succeed in getting in shape, then, I will have to stay in shape----forever! Well that sounds a bit daunting!

But let’s digress just a bit. Why would someone fear success? Anyone? Bueller? People fear success because it represents—no, it directly results in—change. Change is always uncomfortable, because with change comes a whole new set of expectations, variables and requirements. “I succeed in getting my MBA.” Great for me, but now when I am talking about significance with regard to a training death, not only do I have to use the term correctly, BUT I HAVE to make the boss use it correctly, and those guys are not always so happy to be corrected (Actual exchange—Him, “Oh and would you like to tell the widow that her husband’s death was statistically insignificant?” Me, “No, but I will if it will stop you from dismantling an extremely safe training system. We complete, without incident, hundreds of thousands of critically dangerous training operations every year. One anomaly does not mean we need a complete overhaul.”)

Now, one of the derivatives I was talking about is the “I know what is going to happen if I do it the same way”, which is comforting on many levels. I think that when an alcoholic pours his first drink of the day it is because—in part—he has reached a point where he needs to know how the day is going to end. Similarly, a person skipping the gym or avoiding the BodyRev or Perfect line, knows how the day is going to end…comfortable on the couch, no sore muscles, no staring or ogling—just exactly the same. Ever wonder why “that” overweight , sedentary person smokes so much? Could it be that they want to remove the one big unknown—how we are going to die?

So here is the thing, the way to stop worrying about succeeding—and the subsequent changes involved, is to make change a bigger part of your day to day life. Sure, you need a routine, but make part of your routine growth/change. Take a fencing class, work on the heavy bag etc., but look for ways to keep yourself in a state of change, then it will only make sense to one that change will lead to better things for yourself—also known as success.


Lt. Commander Thomas Rancich, US Navy SEAL (Ret.) is the co-founder of VRHabilis, a disabled veteran-owned small business with the broad vision of increasing career opportunities for disabled veterans in construction and related fields. Rancich and co-founder Elliott Adler are pioneering the concept of using adaptive technology to bridge the gap between industrial and medical technology ... because the highly trained, motivated and adaptable veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are not looking for hand outs but rather the opportunity to reintegrate into the work force. On a very serious note---to all the people who have seen the worst of this conflict---knowing the hollowness and lack of joy some returning veterans experience daily, Tom has said, "If things aren't going well, contact me at Off-Shore Consulting or visit the Veterans Hotline".

Through his consulting firm, Off-Shore Consulting, Tom provides professional advice on leadership, team building, program development and strategic vision, in addition to being a writer and motivational speaker.

Alden Mills and Tom Rancich served together in the Teams. Tom has been a guest blogger and “on-line” coach for the Perfect Pushup team many times over the past few years: he blogs monthly on Charlie Mike.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is a Functional and Strong Body Your Priority?

It is for Mike in Colorado -- thanks Mike, for sending your story to

"I purchased the Perfect Push-ups to help strengthen and tone my upper body for everyday health and to prevent injury while biking and skiing here in Colorado. I injured my shoulders this spring while shoveling snow from back to back storms.

The biggest factor for me was getting motivated to include an upper body workout in my weekly fitness plan which consists of intense cycling 18 to 20 miles several times a week. I was looking for compound exercises that would save me time and did not require gym equipment. I keep the Perfect Push-ups near my desk at work and complete my two minute drills throughout the day. I started with a 10 rep max set work out over two weeks ago and had trouble with my shoulders in the beginning. Today I completed the last workout with all chair sets and had no pain on any of the sets. My shoulders are getting stronger as well as noticeable results in my chest and arms. I am really excited to get going on the Power Ten workout next. I can also see a Perfect Pull-ups in my home in the near future.

Thanks for a great product and support!

Mike in Colorado"

Keep me posted on your progress!


Monday, October 6, 2008

How to Target the Biceps Specifically

Great question from Brian W --

Thanks for the great post. I've been wondering the same thing. I've noticed much more definition and improvement in my triceps from doing the perfect pushup but was wondering if there was any way to target the biceps specifically? I have been doing some sets of the perfect punch and will try to do more in the future. I am really interested in buying the perfect pullup because I think it would be a great complement, but I am currently renting a place and do not think I can install it in the place. Thanks!

Brian – thanks for your post – here’s the deal on engaging your biceps when doing a pushup. Normally, biceps aren’t recruited during the pushup movement; however, with Perfect Pushup’s rotation you can engage them to a point – the power punch (180 degrees of rotation) is the best way to recruit the biceps – after that, you really need to use dumbbells or even better a pullup (specifically a chin-up – your palms facing you; a pull-up is when your palms are facing away from you). This is the reason why we created the Perfect Pullup. It’s your call about your rental space, but it’s super easy to fill the holes and use a magic marker to color the filled-in holes. Let me know how it goes –


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Q&A Time: Working the Biceps

Question: Perfect Pushup claims to work the bicep muscles. Just how does it do this? According to the numerous resources I have researched, the traditional pushup mainly works the chest, shoulders and tricep muscles. If bicep muscles are employed, they are used as stabilizing muscles.

Does the Perfect Pushup employ more of the biceps muscles than compared to a traditional pushup because as the device (The Perfect Pushup) rotates it stimulates more of the biceps throughout the exercise/rep versus performing a tradition pushup? AND/OR, does the Perfect Pushup work the biceps only through specific pushup exercises? Please explain. Thank you, Bob.

Answer: Bob, great question! The PPU engages your biceps through the rotation of the movement, especially when you conduct the Power Punch move or other similar moves that require you to rotate the handles 180 degrees. The rotation recruits the bicep because the ulna and radius (the two bones in your forearm) rotate through your elbow which activates the bicep and tricep to rotate the humerus (bone from the shoulder to the elbow) at the elbow and in the shoulder.

Now, I'm not saying you're going to get a better bicep workout on the Perfect Pushup than doing curls - because you won't - but you will get more muscles in your arms engaged during a Perfect Pushup pushup than you will with a regular pushup because of the rotation. And you'll immediately notice how much more natural it feels to rotate through the pushup...and how much better it feels!