Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Back In the Swing of the Game

Eric F in Florida is a Charlie Mike reader with an inspiring golf/rehab story --

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much your product has impacted my life. About 9 years ago I blew out my right shoulder in a skiing accident. I had Bankart repair surgery and my right shoulder never really felt 100%. I always heard some cracking and it felt weak. 2 years ago I fell and blew out my left shoulder. I tore some ligaments but after the MRI the doctors opted for physical rehabilitation instead of surgery. I completed the rehab and my left shoulder never got better. At the time of my second accident I was a 1 handicap and golf was my only true passion. Even after rehab I could not grip a golf club without pain and if I tried to extend my left arm around my body pain shot through arms, shoulder and back. Needless to say I have not played golf since.

3 months ago I purchased the Perfect Pushup for my wife as she was complaining about her lack of upper body strength. I would sit there and watch her do the exercises and really wish I had the strength in my left shoulder to join her. Well one day I said to myself that I will never build strength if I don’t start trying. I started out at the lowest possible number of reps and did the prescribed program for beginners. 2 months later I am at the third level (14,10,8) on the three main exercises. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I am stronger than ever and I have no pain in either shoulder. I attribute this to the design of the Perfect Pushup and the way it takes stress off of your joints. I can grip a golf club without pain and yesterday I swung a club in my yard without any pain. I am going to try to start hitting pitch shots this week and see if I can move up to full shots.

Thanks so much for your product!

Eric F, Florida"

Eric – first and foremost, your story totally stokes the Perfect Team’s Fires! Because you took the time to tell us about your challenges, we’re sending you a special Perfect Pushup t-shirt. (One of my teammates will be in touch with you for your size and mailing address.)

Please keep us posted on how you crush the ball and get back to “scratch” golf!

FIRED UP and of course – CHARLIE MIKE!!



Anonymous said...

Mr. Alden, what does one do to stay fit when the body starts to have problems from the stress imposed to the muscles from repetitive movement exercises that work so effectively?
What do you do for your workout?

Joe G. said...

I was a star golfer as a kid but ruined my back in a motorcycle wreck at age 17...almost fully recovered, but was never able to score well beyond the ninth hole because of lower back pain (in other words, for the past 30 years, whenever I golf I score well on the front nine and blow up on the back). Building my upper-body strength with the P.Pushup, I think, is going to make me a kick a** golfer again. I'm pretty excited. This thing is freakin' amazing!