Monday, October 27, 2008

Ironman Strength Training Regime

John L. sent his Perfect Pushup Ironman story to -- thank you!! A Get Ripped t-shirt is heading his way -- John, please let the readers of Charlie Mike know how you like the Perfect Pullup and how you do in the Silverman Triathlon.

Dear Alden,

This past winter I purchased the Perfect Pushup (PP). I used it as part of my strength training for Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon which I completed in September 2008.

This was my first Ironman and strength training was a big part of the program at least two days a week, often more.

The PP is great because it is right there at home and easy to store and use. It is the best invention ever. The pushups feel natural and you can definitely get into a rhythm. I have a lot of definition around my shoulders, collar bone, and back.

This weekend I am going to purchase the Perfect Pullup. I am training for the Silverman Triathlon and this will be a big help with core strength which is so important in fast triathlon times.

John L., Chicago, IL
The Picture is from Ironman Wisconsin 2008: I was 1100/2500

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