Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Perfect Gear Essentials

Teammates, every once in a while I talk about other “perfect” products – that is, products not by Team Perfect, but by entrepreneurs that share the same ideals we do when it comes to function, quality and purpose. Here’s my latest, shameless introduction of a product that I feel is worthy to mention on CHARLIE MIKE. The company is called SilverTech and they make socks – really good ones…and before I go further, I want you to know I stand nothing to financially gain from this post except the gratification of helping a fellow entrepreneur who’s trying to bring “perfect” into the marketplace – and I respect that.

Socks? What gives Alden?? Here’s a little known fact – I’m a sock nut. In SEAL Team training they make you obsess over taking care of your feet (I’ve been diving with waterproof bags just for my socks) – after all, if your feet get damaged your mobility to complete the mission is dramatically reduced – instructors and teammates alike would hound you on ensuring your feet are well taken care of. I’ve carried this fetish with me into civilian life and I’m constantly T&E’ing (testing and evaluating) socks – I probably have well over a 100 pair – drives my wife nuts!

Over the past six months, I’ve been T&E’ing SilverTech’s socks – the inventor claims that they are the first socks with actual silver in them which is supposed help wick the sweat from my feet (my feet sweat a lot); fight fungus and odor; and lastly, can self regulate the temperature depending on the environment (i.e. keep my feet warm when it’s cold outside, or keep my feet cool when I’m working out). I can’t really comment on the fungus or even the odor – never really had a problem with that, but I can comment on the sweaty feet challenges and temperature regulation function – on both counts they work, and work well. SilverTechs are now one of my three staples of socks that I use: Smartwool, Balega, and SilverTech. I use the SilverTechs for short to medium cardio workouts, and work/travel days. (I believe the inventor speaks the truth about preventing fungus, and God only knows how much fungus is laying in ambush on airport screening carpets!). They’re an excellent all-day sock (many socks I have to swap out during the day – not SilverTechs). As a veteran, I took note that the same silver fiber technology found in SilverTech socks was originally developed by the Defense Department for use by the Military – unfortunately after I left active duty.

Anyhow, I told the inventor how pleased I am with his invention and he’s graciously offered any of us a 20% discount from the SilverTech site: just use the code “Perfect” at checkout.

Meanwhile, keep working on your mission to live a life that counts!



Joe G. said...

All things related to feet are EXTREMELY important to athletes. Perfect athletes need perfect footwear!

Dr. Vic McNamara said...

Alden--As an ex-Navy corpsman and a current Podiatrist I agree with the manufacturers claim of effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect by the use of silver in his product. The silver will reduce the colonization of these pathogens and thereby reduce odor.
The warm-cool effect of the silver is likely due to its high heat capacity. The silver will draw heat from the body in warm climes and store body heat in cold climes.
By the way, at 55, I love the ability your products give me to still effectively exercise. Vic

Nancy B. said...

I just ordered Silver Tech socks for my three children and myself. A Valentine's Day gift...I'm skipping the chocolate hearts. I checked out the website and if these socks can prevent"foot odor",etc. we'll order more. Thanks for the heads up.
What is the old saying..."An army marches on its feet"?
Off to do my V2 pushups...thanks to YOU for those!
Nancy B