Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Perfect Pullup 101

Teammates – check out what Julie and Julia have to say about doing Perfect Pullups over on the Perfect Fitness Facebook fan page! That would be the amazing Julia-White: Ok I finally put my PERFECT PULLUPS to the test..Uhmm..Australian pullups are FREAKING HARD!! Julie Erickson, Team Perfect’s Marketing Coordinator, agreed: They are SO awesome! The standing rows and Australians are killer but such GREAT stepping stones to doing full-on pullups. Gotta do your negatives too, those babies are clutch for working up to doing full pullups.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about to do a Perfect Pullup by taking a look at these previously published CHARLIE MIKE blogs. Still have questions? Ask a teammate for help!

What is a negative pullup? How can knowing how to do one help me master a pullup?

Want to know how to increase the numbers of pullups you can do?

Teach your kids to do pullups.

What if you want to combine a pullup and a pushup workout?

Like I've said before, if you find yourself at a plateau, get that step ladder out and start doing negatives – I promise you – if you do the work, you will be rewarded with success – the key is DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Don't let naysayers get the better of you. Remember, misery loves company – so let’em be miserable, while you Pull your way to victory!



AKO said...

one great way to avoid plateaus is to do the exercise with proper form and slow. (not as slow as negatives, but slow enough that you are in complete control of your movements.) if you do your australians and standing rows properly, you get the muscles strong enough to do a pullup. Then once you can do pullups, you can do those with proper form and slow, one second up/ one second down, and you'll be a pullup professional in no time. And in my personal opinion, girls that can do pullups are hot!!!

South01 said...

dumb question,how long does it take to set the thing yp in the doorway?

Joe G. said...

Hi, South01 - That's not a dumb question, it's a fair question. The answer is approx. 15-30 minutes. For a piece of equipment that can change your fitness level in a matter of just a few weeks, it's definitely worth the time, particularly for someone trying to LEARN pullups (my story). If you look at some videos at perfectonline.com you'll see that professional athletes use it also w/ great results.