Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Effective Fire and the Right to Bare Arms Workout

CMT (CHARLIE MIKE TEAMMATES) -- Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast -- the "opening bell" for water-borne and by-the-beach activities – and with it comes what we call OPERATION SIERRA OSCAR – that’s short for time to take your shirt off…are you ready to bare your arms, abs, chest and back? If you’re still sporting your winter “coat” don’t despair – follow the below workout and you’ll be proud to Bare Arms by June. Just remember, YOU are the only one can make it happen – TAKE ACTION and you’ll be surprised at what can happen.

In SEAL Team we spend an excessive amount of time on learning to generate what we call Effective Fire – that is, making every bullet count, i.e. hitting the target as much as possible. Now not every bullet is going to hit the target, but the idea is make the large majority of the bullets fired “effective” otherwise, we’re just shooting air, wasting bullets and letting the bad guys know where we are – not good. Same rules apply for taking action toward our goals – if you take action but it’s not toward your goal than it’s wasted effort, but if you take action – however small – and the action is Perfect (on target), then even small amounts of “Perfect” action can reap you HUGE results over a relatively short period of time.

In essence, that’s what Team Perfect’s mission is – to create products that are Perfect in action so when you decide you want the ability to Bare your Arms, Abs, Back, Chest or whatever, you can take action that is as Perfect as humanly possible to achieve your desired results as efficiently and effectively as possible…all that said, as good as our products are, they’re only as good as those who decide to take action. So Fire Up your Summer with Effective Fire at your goal and know that everyone has the Right to Bare Arms!



P.S. Enjoy the “Right to Bare Arms Workout”:

Equipment needed: Pullup Bar of some kind – Optional: Perfect Pushup, Perfect Pullup, Perfect Dip Bar

Week One
10 (Perfect) Pushups – Regular Position (one hand width wider than your shoulders) – so you can work your chest
5 (Perfect ) Pullups (if you can’t perform a Pullup do negatives – hands facing away) – so you can work your back (V-back!)
10 (Perfect) Dips – if no dip bar, then conduct Pushups in Close Position (hands in line with shoulders and elbows facing back) so you can work your Triceps
5 (Perfect) Chinups – hands facing toward you so you can work your Biceps

*Repeat this throughout the day 4 times
*Conduct every other day (4 days)

Week Two
12 Pushups – Regular
7 Pullups – hands facing away
12 Pushups or Dips – Close
7 Chinups – hands facing toward you
Sames rules as above – 4 sets day, every other day for 4 days

Week Three
15 Pushups – Regular
10 Pullups
15 Pushups or Dips – Close
10 Chin-ups
Same rules as above

Week Four
20 Pushups – Regular
12 Pullups
20 Pushups or Dips – Close
12 Chinups
Sames rules as above

If this is too easy or too hard for you then increase or reduce numbers by 2 repetitions at a time – THERE IS NO SHAME IN GOING TO YOUR KNEES TO COMPLETE THE PUSHUPS AND CONDUCTING NEGATIVES WITH PULLUPS AND CHINUPS – going to your knees on pushups or doing negatives on pullups and chinups is a helluva lot more effective “fire on your goal” than not doing anything at all – your biggest gains are on the last few reps that challenge you the most – so TAKE ACTION and CHARLIE MIKE!! ALDEN

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