Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Teammates – Check out our SITREP (Situation Report) for April: highlighting some of our new bloggers, topics and features.

1. Meet Tara Llanes, our first Athlete Ambassador.

2. TGIF: PERFECT in the Workplace – our newest CM SEAL Team member, my buddy “Sav” Saviano, kicked off this new weekly feature.

3. Marathon Mojo – from training to clothing – continues with Tim Grizzell, SEAL Team blogger.

4. Stew Smith’s Strength in Diversity series ended with “Too Short to be a SEAL” – look for Stew’s YouTube/workout coming up soon – swimming and the Perfect Pushup.

5. Perfect Products – designer Gray Holland took us behind the scenes with the development of the Perfect Counter and we unveiled the Perfect Dip bar.

6. CM congratulated the SEALs who saved the day last month and celebrated National Parks Founder Teddy Roosevelt.

7. If you haven’t joined Perfect Fitness, the perfect place to hang out with other fitness fans, what are you waiting for?

Give me your feedback: positive – negative – topics you’d like more of/less of – post your comments here!


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