Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Tara Llanes, Perfect Athlete Ambassador

Tara, age 32,was a professional BMX and downhill mountain bike racer for 15 years until September 2007 when she crashed during a race, landed on her head and broke her neck and back. She is now a paraplegic training to do an Ironman and hopes to qualify for the Kona Ironman, 10OCT09. She uses a hand-cycle for the biking and running portions of the race.

She religiously uses the Perfect Pushup in her rehab work to protect her wrists. Says Tara, "Because I am using my wrist so much for everyday things like transfers, weight shifts, not to mention therapy, my wrists are worked and get REALLY sore. But when I used the Perfect Pushup I could last so much longer."

Tara is one of Perfect Pushup’s inspiring Athlete Ambassadors, fully embodying the mentality of “take control of your body, take control of your life.” She is an inspiration to all of us here at Team Perfect. Last word from Tara: "So help me I will find a way to float again. Gawd I love my bike. Follow your dreams dammnit and don't ever ever give up!

Teammates, Tara is standing by to hear from you! HOOYAH Tara and thank you for being the first of many Perfect Athlete Ambassadors to share their story with the Charlie Mike Teammates.


Jim said...

Head up Tara and don't give up! I'm rather sorry that this has happened to you but you need to fight through it! You can work miracles as long as you can believe in yourself! HOOOOYAH!

Lisa A said...


You're an inspiration! They say believe the diagnosis but not the prognosis. I know a couple of people who have proved those doctors wrong on walking. You go girl !! Sending healing thoughts your way :)

Tara said...

Thank you to you both for leaving a comment. I will never give up and knowing that I have people in my corner believing in me just pushes me even more.
Thanks again,