Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where in the World is Perfect Pushup? Thessaloniki!

Guest blogger: Jim from Thessaloniki, Greece. Jim's a plankholder on our Perfect Fitness community site: he even has his own blog on CHARLIE MIKE!

"Get ripped" translates into "Aποκτήστε γράμμωση" but I prefer "Σμιλέψτε το σώμα σας" (meaning sculpt your body).

My personal experience using the Perfect Pushup: I've been into pushups for more than 10 years and from the time I started using the PPU I hardly perform pushups without it. Really takes pushups to another level! Great product, great company, great support & service! What more can one ask for?

BRAVO ZULU! Jim (Navy speak for OUT-F*&king-Standing Job!) -- Keep on CHARLIE MIKE'ING and inspiring and motivating our CM Teammates.



Joe G. said...

Jim, if you attach a photo of you and Alexander the Great we will be inspired to CONQUER THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC.

Charlie Mike, my friend!

Jim said...

Thank you Joe! That's me in the pic, couldn't get a better one since I was alone on a jog. Cheers mate!