Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marines Pushing Out Pushups!

Teammates -- Are you Fired UP to drop down and push out some Perfect Pushups when you see these Marines? They are "Get Ripped" in action!

HOOYAH to this Marine Unit, currently deployed in Iraq, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, with the Counter IED (roadside bomb) section. They're working out with the Perfect Pushup Mobile Units.


p.s. If you are serving overseas, send us your pictures and your story: we'll share it with the CHARLIE MIKE Teammates --


Unknown said...

Drive ON!


Joe G. said...

These guys are the real heroes. I used to think Alden Mills was fit!

Anybody up to a SEAL - Marine Pushup Challenge?

I'll buy the plane tickets (for the Marines).

Lisa A said...

Nice photo guys... THANK YOU for your service to our Nation !!