Friday, April 10, 2009

Eleven Year Old Sets Pushup Record

TGIF CM Teammates!

Meet two Proud Peters! Young Peter set a new school record using Perfect Pushups.

Let's hear from his proud father: "Before November 2008 my son Peter (11 years old) could only do 40 pushups after purchasing your Perfect Pushup product. He used the 2 minute drills 5 days a week to increase his pushups. The new school record: 100 regular pushups!

His max used to be the max of 20 but now he's built his way up beyond 50 Perfect Pushups. Thanks for a great product."

Nothing Fires Me UP more than stories like this -- HOOYAH to you both! Please send your address to and we'll send you a Perfect Counter. All the better to keep track as you push out your Perfect Pushups! How about sharing your story with our Perfect Fitness Fans?


1 comment:

Joe G. said...

Keep up the great work, Peter and Peter!