Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF: "At Least We're Not Going Swimming Again"

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

How about the tagline for my picture! Teammates, take it from a SEAL -- the weekend is your time for your family & friends. Use the buddy system (that would be your friends and family) to reach goals. Remember, we all need a day off. Your body makes "FREE RADICALS" or bad juju [Scientific fact about that bad juju!] from over training. So, actually taking time off training is a good thing. That could be how you use your weekend. Especially if you're training hard all week.

Everyone's heard this line about "Rome Not Being Built in a Day". Even "God took a Day of Rest". In BUD/S we gave weekends off to goof off & do your own thing so the guys would be gung ho on Monday & hit the ground running!

As the ancient Greeks used to say: "Nothing to excess"! TGIF Teammates!


fitforlife said...

I really enjoy your blog and have started doing push ups and pull ups daily using your great products I brought these at my local Sports Authority store.

I have a suggestion if it is OK. Your blog would be much easier to read if the background color was not grey. This color blends with your red and black lettering making the letters and words hard to read. Just for a test change the background to white and you will be able to read and see all the letters and words much better.

Joe G. said...

Mark - BIG DAY for Joe G. tomorrow. I gotta 10k to run. After that, on Sunday I'm worshiping the Lord and then crashing by the T.V.

Future plans: Will begin to CHARLIE MIKE by Wednesday or Thursday. Then continue mission as per Supreme Leader's instructions (that would be Alden).


Have a great weekend, Marcus.

Unknown said...

I am a big fan of "Active Rest". I have made some major improvements during it. It also made me "Listen" to my body and to react to what it is saying.

Pain is the sign that weakness is leaving the body.