Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Fired UP to get your Opening Day Stories!

Thank you to the Teammates who have already answered my question:

What are you going to do for your OPENING DAY this month?? Think about it – celebrate it – I don’t care if you haven’t lifted an ounce in 20 years – make some movement happen – anything – but plan it then execute it. In SEAL Team when conducting Combat Diving schools – a Standard Operating Procedure was beaten into our brains: PLAN YOUR DIVE – DIVE YOUR PLAN. Same applies here – you need to Plan your exercise - Exercise your Plan – GOT IT?!

Share your Opening Day celebrations with me at -- I want to know what you're going to do to celebrate getting your ship UNDERWAY. It's rally time team: seven days to YOUR Opening Day -- GET FIRED UP! Life is way too precious to sit back and let it pass you by! I have five t-shirts to share with the Teammates -- a story and a picture or video that I can post on CHARLIE MIKE is what I'm looking for! Keep the stories coming!!



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