Monday, April 13, 2009


CM Teammates – talk about Be Strong, Be Ready (our motto at Team Perfect) – So damn proud of our forces (and for that matter our Commander in Chief who had the guts to authorize the mission) for yesterday’s successful rescue of Captain Phillips – HOOYAH SEAL TEAM!

Though I don’t know all the specifics, I do know how challenging it is to shoot with any accuracy off of a vessel at sea – not to mention shooting at an even smaller vessel that’s moving in sea state conditions. Add the pressure of an American hostage’s life hanging on their accuracy with the countless hours they sat looking through their scopes practicing their timing of a simultaneous shot and you’ve got an extremely tough mission to complete. I’m no sniper, but I had the pleasure of serving with many – and the first thing they’d tell you after making sure that you know your weapon, is to know yourself – that is, to know your limitations, and then to push them so your old limitations are your new strengths. I guarantee you that not one of those Navy SEAL snipers had not even a shadow of doubt in their mind that they would miss – they knew what they could do – no matter what the outside pressures, and they executed: they slowly exhaled, had a consistent squeeze on the trigger while tracking the target – then the gun went off and it was over. If you interviewed them, I bet they’d say something like: “I tracked the target – waited for the count down and pulled the trigger.” Sounds simple doesn’t it – we all know it isn’t because the brain is involved, but the point is the action is simple – you just have to execute it under more complicated situations.

See a similarity here? Take action – get result. The point is whether you’re a Navy SEAL sniper or a Soccer Mom – the same rules apply: know yourself – find your limitations and take action on making your limitations your strengths. It doesn’t happen overnight (just ask those snipers – I bet they trained for years for that opportunity) but every time you take action toward your goal a result will occur that in some small way will help you toward your MIKE CHARLIE (Mission Complete).

In the meantime, put a smile on your face because it’s Good Guys 3 – Pirates 0.


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