Sunday, April 19, 2009

Opening Day on the Bay -- Counting Down!


Teammates -- Opening Day is a celebratory day here in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and most other waterfront communities -- like me and my boys, we'll be celebrating spring by getting our ships underway. Of course you don't need a massive yacht to "seize the day" -- it's the principle that really matters. Are you ready for a NAVY MAN'S metaphor? Think of your body as a ship. I know, and I UNDERSTAND, that some of us did not keep our “ships” underway during the cold, dark months of winter – I know many of us headed to drydock – some for repairs and some because they didn’t want to continue the journey ... for those getting repairs (and improvements), set your launch date and execute ... for those who became discouraged or didn’t have goal they were committed to – MOVE ON – GET OVER IT – everyone goes to drydock – I did…just came out of it with an extra five pounds of ballast too! Not what I was looking for while focusing so intently on the business, but it happens – expect it and rally ... it’s like learning to walk – you’re going to trip – now get back up on your feet! Life – I ASSURE you – is a helluva lot better living when you’re walking versus laying on the ground in the exact spot your tripped!!

It's the same analogy with our ships -- we all go to drydock -- some for repairs and some because we're scared -- but the most important element of success is how we handle leaving drydock. DON’T LEAVE drydock only to mire yourself back at the pier to commiserate with the other ships that have become so stuck in the muck that the only way they could every get underway are when tugs come to their aid ... there are ships that have given up out there – these ships turn into barges – dependent on others for movement – DON’T EVER LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU.


Opening Day is a perfect time to recalibrate our ship’s heading – re-fortify our efforts – strengthen our resolve to take control of our bodies, for you will take control of your life.

Ask yourself – what are you going to do for your OPENING DAY this month?? Think about it – celebrate it – I don’t care if you haven’t lifted an ounce in 20 years – make some movement happen – anything – but plan it then execute it. In SEAL Team when conducting Combat Diving schools – a Standard Operating Procedure was beaten into our brains: PLAN YOUR DIVE – DIVE YOUR PLAN. Same applies here – you need to Plan your exercise - Exercise your Plan – GOT IT?!

Share your Opening Day celebrations with me at -- I want to know what you're going to do to celebrate getting your ship UNDERWAY. It's rally time team: seven days to YOUR Opening Day -- GET FIRED UP! Life is way too precious to sit back and let it pass you by!



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Joe G. said...

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