Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF: Perfect Pushup at Work

Fellow Teammates: Having been a fellow SEAL for ten years and now a desk jockey here in Dallas, TX, I wanted to share my Perfect Pushup story with you guys. I left the TEAMs in June of 2001 (I know 3 months too soon) to start my civilian life. Since leaving the TEAMs I’ve never quite been able to find something I can do during the day while at work that benefited my physique and overall health. Well, not until nine weeks ago when my business partner Kyle (that's his picture above) and I discovered the Perfect Pushup. Since then, we have been utilizing this great concept every day at the office. We do 20-30 pushups every hour of almost every day. At first we didn’t think it would be very challenging; however, after the first 5 hours on the first day we realized our little lifestyle change was going to be more difficult than we had originally thought. Nonetheless, through prodding and verbally hazing one another we have managed to keep true to doing our Perfect Pushups every day, and believe me they add up -- we’re at the shop 11-13 hrs a day! Do the math -- if you do 1,000-1,500 push-ups a week you will see the results! It makes our day go by so much quicker and we actually look forward to the challenge every morning at 7am, although we were very sore in the beginning.

You might be surprised at my next statement though, for me it wasn’t only the results I got from using the PPU that has made me a believer -- it was what it made me realize all over again. You see having been in my old environment for ten years I became accustomed to looking fit and feeling strong, but once I left that environment it’s been a struggle even for me to recapture my health. The PPU has made me realize that life is too short to not do something about your health and more importantly do something about it today!

Alden Mills and I served together at ST-2 and he’s one of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing on every level. Hence when he asked me to tell my simple yet practical story, I had to oblige. For those of you who are not SEALs please don’t look at the Perfect Pushup or any product out there as something that’s beyond your ability level or physical scope because nothing could be further from the truth. I couldn’t agree more with all the posts that are geared toward trying to convince people the best way to get healthy is to make the decision that “you” will change. That might mean eating a little less or simply eating breakfast. That might mean using the PPU as your impetus for that change. Whatever it is, it will work as long as you commit and educate yourself as to what might work for you.

Having served side by side with Alden, I can tell you that he would be the one I would listen to If I was serious about making strides in my personal life irrespective of what that consisted of. In the TEAMs we have a saying, “The only easy day was yesterday!” What that always meant to me was if you aren’t giving it 100% and going 100mp then why did you even get out of bed? Sounds simple, but was today easier for you than yesterday?


"Sav" Saviano and Kyle Chron

Btw --If you were to ask those SEALs how difficult that shot was they would probably smile and say, “Not as easy as it would have been yesterday!”


Joe G. said...


On behalf of Richard Phillips (the rescued boat captain) and millions of other Americans who love the SEALs and hold them in our hearts every single minute of every single day, THANKS FOR SERVING OUR COUNTRY AND SAYING "NO!" TO THE FAT LIFESTYLE.

Unknown said...

Drive on Kyle and Sav, DRIVE ON!

mma Max