Thursday, April 9, 2009

Too Short to be a SEAL? Part IV

CM SEAL Team blogger: Stew Smith

Here's the conclusion to the "Strength in Diversity" series. I often receive emails concerning guys who are “too lean”, “too short”, “too tall”, or “too big” to attend SEAL training. This is one of the first “doubts” you will have about yourself on whether or not you are tough enough to make it through SEAL training. There is not much you can do about what God gave you physically - BUT the good news is the SEALs need men of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and colors. I'm here to help you clear the self-doubt you may be having about attending SEAL training.

Here is a sampling of emails I receive on a near weekly basis and this will hopefully help you clear the self-doubt you are having about attending SEAL training.

Too Short:
I am only 5’2” am I too short for BUD/S? Most guys I see are huge on TV.

First of all we all look bigger on TV than we really are in life. But secondly your height is fine. You will no doubt be in the “smurf boat crew” meaning all the shortest guys in the class will have their own boat to carry. But pound for pound shorter / lighter guys do well at BUD/S and usually have above average PT scores and even obstacle course scores (if they can get over the obstacles - i.e. the Dirty Name).

In the SEAL Teams you will be able to go places many others cannot so your size will be an advantage in many situations.

I always tell people that there is Strength in Diversity - we all carry unique skill sets whether they are physical, mental, or the experience of life that all come together to create a platoon of well rounded SEALs in a TEAM. If you make it through SEAL Training, you obviously have “something special” to share with your teammates and add to the strength of the team.

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Unknown said...

Too "Small" to be a SEAL?

It's NOT the dog in the fight BUT the FIGHT in the dog.

To me, when everybody thinks the "Odds" are against me,that's when I think the "fight" is fair.

Think of it this was:
It's NOT the SEAL in the FIGHT, BUT the FIGHT in the SEAL.

When has a SEAL lost a FIGHT? The word lost is not in their vocabulary, and it should not be in yours too.


Unknown said...

Navy SEAL Marcus Colburn has a god-like body