Monday, April 13, 2009

Striving for PERFECT'ion Partners

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

Teammates, Partner’ing up is the Best Way! Just by thinking this way, you're now one step closer to getting a jaw-dropping physique. Like me (fist raised and my "surf's up" friend Billy).

If you are one of the people that likes results & action quickly, you made an excellent decision that's going to pay off, visually and functionally, once you dedicate and commit yourself to your "striving for "PERFECT"ion program".

There's no doubt in my mind that you're on your way to a brand new mindset... a brand new body... and a brand new life. Just the fact that you're striving for perfection is a totally positive thing. You could be a couch potato or just an average Sunday morning quarterback. But no way Jose.... You want more out of life. Well I say "GO FOR IT!"

When your so called friends ask why you're not drinking with them or that you're acting (STRANGE), just tell them with a smile on your face about your new goal is striving for "Perfection"ion "I've got THE muscle-shredding, belly-busting and ab-sharpening solution."

Your results will be noticeable before you know it. Alas, Too bad So Sad that they just don't have the same attitude or passion for life as you; but you can show them your results "PAY IT FORWARD" how you did it & how you're doing it using the "PERFECT" method & get them to partner up. Get their own "Perfect" products for themselves & make it into a bet or a competition. Workout with friends or partners is always more fun & you can watch each other, help each other with spots & make sure ya'll are sticking to your "FULL LIFE STYLE CHANGE & EATING CLEAN PLAN"! Because if you really want to strive for "PERFECT"ion; Partnering is the best way!

During BUD/S the class ahead of us used to (rib us & taunt us to no end) but especially during (HELL WEEK). They used to leave power bars hidden all over the place & that really made us fight harder!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend,

Back in 1997 while serving with the elite Navy SEAL jump team called Leap Frogs, Marcus was involved in a life changing parachuting accident. After free-falling to three thousand feet, Mark opened his chute. But the SEAL above him did not and continued free-falling at ninety miles an hour. The other jumper tore through Mark's chute, hitting him in the head and hand with his body. The impact sent Mark twirling unconscious through the air with few cells left on his chute, and he hit the ground, changing his life forever. Mark's amazing recovery became his biggest challenge – and surviving the accident is a miraculous story in itself -- but what is even more inspiring is how he handles his life after the accident.


Joe G. said...


You are DEFINITELY the man!

If a Charlie Mike reader cannot get inspired seeing you and reading your posts, WE will, unfortunately, not be able to help THEM. If THEY insist on staying on the couch and being fat, WE will (again) not be able to help THEM. Let’s hope THEY are listening and that THEY just say “NO!” to the Fat Lifestyle.

Thanks for making our Monday. You are the quintessential frogman!

Unknown said...

Marcus is the best! Thank you very much for your writing!