Monday, March 9, 2009

Is 300 Pushups Too Much?

Teammates, I got a great question from Jim, via our YouTube channel:

“Nice workouts. I really liked your workouts: they work all the muscles great. I try to vary my schedule so that my muscles don’t know what’s coming and for example, I do 2 circles of your arm, chest, and shoulders workout and then finish off with 300 elevated feet pushups or other patterns.

Do you think this number is too much, after the 2 circles of Power 10 Workouts and leads to negative rather than positive effects? Of course just finishing off your entire workout twice is challenging enough.” Thanks, Jim

Hooyah Mr. 300 Club! Is 300 pushups too much? Dunno?! Honestly, it’s totally up to you – I’ve heard of folks knocking out 1,000 pushups in a day. What I do know is that you have to ramp up your repetitions gradually and you need to ensure you give your body the break it needs. When you start playing at this level rest becomes even more important (as does nutrition).

One thing for sure, you’re in rarified air – so keep up the awesome work. Would love to see a post or a YouTube of your workouts. Post 'em and we’ll get you a Perfect Pushup t-shirt! Let us know at

CHARLIE MIKE (SEAL speak for Continue Mission) -- ALDEN

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