Friday, March 13, 2009

March Madness Monster Mash

March Madness Monster Mash – M4 - (SEAL speak for so hard BUT fun workouts) – the economy is in the tank, the weather is at extremes (for some that’s good – think snow! for others, that sucks) and March Madness is about to tip off – sounds like a great time for a new workout routine.

Here’s the deal, get your Perfect Pushups, kneepad or towel, and water positioned in front of your TV – clear a path to your Perfect Pullup - bring over only your truest friends – have them sign a release from liability form so they can't sue you after they realize they can’t move the next day! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little here, but having a little peer pressure always makes a Monster Mash workout more fun (and yes, makes you more sore!)…here’s how the M4 workout goes: dial in your favorite b-ball game and pick a team – each time they score a basket you do same number of pushups per points – every free throw is a pullup. Simple right?

Now – how many games can you play – that’s the question?! Here’s an example – Duke vs. UNC – you’ve got a total of 4 guys in the room – 2 match Duke – 2 match UNC – the real game is not who beats who on the court, it’s who completed the most pushup and pullups – now start to fillout brackets for each game, using the same teams, then tally up the total number of pushups and pullups performed - bet what you want – beer – dollars – apples – don’t care what it is, but make it meaningful enough to want to earn the bragging rights of winning your first annual MARCH MADNESS MONSTER MASH!

BTW – you don’t have to stick with one pushup or pullup per point – strong teams can collect more points doing more pushups and pullups just don’t burn yourself out, you never know how well your teams just might score!


NB: Send your predictions to -- BEFORE midnight PT 15MAR09: if your team's the winner, we'll send you and your fave college athletic training department, a Perfect product! Let the games begin.


Unknown said...

I pick the team with the highest number of black players.

Joe G. said...

Barbie, I'm a black guy, but I am fat and have no athletic skill whatsoever. I play video games and eat Cheetos when I'm not working on my PhD in chemistry. This is completely untrue but I thought I would throw you a curve ball to see what you can do with it.

It's a lovely spring day over here on the east coast. So, are we invited over to your place tonight to watch the games?

Unknown said...

What about Alden Mills's mansion, though? Party central!

Since I already have the products, if I win, Alden Mills can put up pictures of himself when he was a Navy SEAL. Shirtless ones.

Joe G. said...

As we write, the Seminoles of Florida State (my beloved alma mater) are neck-and-neck w/ the overrated N.C. Tarheels (Michael Jordan's alma mater, unfortunately).


Joe G. said...

Sorry, it's Tar Heels...whatever those are.

Joe G. said...




Unknown said...

The stakes were high, but luckily, I didn't lose! Navy SEAL Alden Mills shirtless: