Monday, March 2, 2009

Rev'ing Up Your Rev Routine

Long time Rev'er Nancy had a question for me about something Stew Smith wrote on Charlie Mike, "Also arrange your workouts so you do your weights / PT first and then cardio last for better fat burning mode."

Question: When doing the entire BodyRev Essentials workout played straight through, the order is Legs, Cardio, Abs, Arms. Using Stew's philosophy, would it be worthwhile to do it Abs, Arms, Legs, Cardio? Was there a reason you had the Essentials workout in a certain order?

Nancy – here’s the short answer – the routine is about what makes you feel good…and what’s the easiest barrier to entry to start. I designed the REV workouts with the legs first, because I felt it was the easiest way to get started – you’re already standing so why not do a couple of lunges?? That was the thinking – that said – you should absolutely switch it up – if for no other reason than to break up the monotony of your workouts!

Let me know which combination you like most – and let me hear from the Rev'ers out there - if you could design a Rev Routine, what would you like to see? Any details you'd like to share, like your age and fitness goals, what products you use, would be really helpful to us at Team Perfect.


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