Friday, March 27, 2009

How Do I Get Perfect Cut Triceps?

Teammates -- great triceps question from Albert!

He said, "I do tricep pushups at each 'stance' (regular, wide, close). I do them from the floor, instead of on a chair like you're supposed to do. I'm sure I will be able to do them from a chair somewhere down the line but only at a regular and close position stance unless I use a bench for the wide. I just thought about it, I could use my piano bench!! Anyways, how does this sound? I do the tricep pushups just like the regular pushup workouts, 8, 6, 4, 2. I did notice that the regular close position works my triceps pretty good, but for some reason I've always liked how cut triceps look, so that's why I'm giving them extra attention.

I think as I sit here I can feel my muscles growing!!! I definitely notice a difference."

- Albert

Thanks for the question - EXCELLENT WORK so far! Tricep work - couldn't agree with you more - the tricep looks much better "cut" then just bulked up on the arm, and using the Perfect Pushup in all 3 positions will definitely get you the "cut" tricep look - just don't forget to work the other positions so you don't leave out your chest and shoulder muscles.

A reminder -- If you cannot maintain proper form, then DO NOT try completing all three sets of regular, wide, and close positions at the full body position, instead, drop to your knees. This is why I say to space them out throughout the day - you'll get better muscles gains if you do the full range of motion when performing pushups.


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Why not also do Tricep Dips using The Perfect Pullup?

Drive on Perfect Pushup, DRIVE ON!