Thursday, March 5, 2009

Push and Pull: The Perfect Combination

Team Perfect has been working hard to launch the Perfect Pullup - we're proud of this product - it will definitely take your workouts to the next level...speaking of which, I've been working on some new workouts that combine the Perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pullup. I like working muscle groups synergistically - like Chest and Triceps (Perfect Pushup) and Back and Biceps (Perfect Pullup).

You can absolutely combine pullups and pushups: here’s the ratio: for every pullup, do two pushups.

For a more challenging workout try the Power 10 Push/Pull workout: here’s how it works: Every minute for ten minutes conduct one set of pullups followed by one set of pushups using the same ratio of 1:2 (1 Pullup = 2 Pushups). Example, you do 5 pullups, then do 10 pushups in one minute. If you finish early, rest. Otherwise, start the next set and repeat until you’ve completed the 10 set workout. The trick is to keep that pace for ten minutes. You need to pace yourself. It’ll seem easy at first, but the repetitions add up fast! So start slow and finish strong!!

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Joe G. said...

We’re working on it, Boss! I appreciated that post below (March 3). It is a familiar tale that we have heard many times, but we seem to keep forgetting it: Young kid gets picked on by peers, most people think he won’t make it. They are so, so wrong. Young Teddy Roosevelt was a sickly child. His father suggested he embrace physical exercise, and TR not only obeyed, he took it a step further. He started boxing. Years later, his classic speech “The Strenuous Life” would inspire Americans to take life head on. I don’t need to tell you the rest of the story, but if you ever get a chance to go to Mount Rushmore, right there next to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson you will see the face of this amazing individual carved in stone.

BobBlick said...

I just got the perfect pullup after using the perfect pushup for 2 months and I love it. Just found this blog and will visit often.

I am a Vietnam vet so it gets tougher to stay in shape but I work at it regularly. Always thought pullups were one of the bext exercises going, but I have to admit to not doing them. With this, no doubt that will change.

Thanks for giving various exercises. I have a exercise site and blog and will be reviewing this - already have reviewed perfect pushup - and embedding some of your instruction videos.

Listen. Keeping in shape is important. If I hadn't continually run and exercised, I would not be able to keep up with my very active 5 year old grandson and that would have cost me big time. He's my best friend and looks up to me. Get your kids involved in exercise early to counteract the video games and the computer.

Unknown said...

Thank you ^ for your heroism!
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