Monday, March 30, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Diet Plan

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

Let's talk some more about your "Eat Clean" diet. Eating habits are the most important change that one can make to gain ground in your fight for health & well being perfection! Ask any pro bodybuilder male or female, even the fitness folk, will tell you that it's 80% diet and the rest physical stuff. Everyone must realize that in order to achieve success in your war & it is a war, that you have to have the "win win" attitude!

Diet, more than anything, is within your "CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE". In other words you can choose what goes on your altar of your temple.

Just be like your ancestors the hunters & gatherers that you got your "Levis" from. They only ate nuts & berries. Because they were always on the move they just grabbed a few here & there. Also, they started planting veggies so they grabbed a few carrots & heads of lettuce & tomatoes for their hunting & fishing trips where they would bring home fish, animal protein & other assorted proteins! They never had stuff in their food like all the word that we can't pronounce. All they had was uggga bugga, with no preservatives for fresh taste forever.

Or diet this & that: all this new diet crap is just they way it sounds, diet crap! Like: aspartame = ass-pertain (grins), saccharin show sh*terin (evil grins), demerara= diarrhea, even ten dollar words that sure sound kewl like polysaccharides are all wrong! Just stick with water -- tons of it -- but make sure you stop drinking all that water by late after noon unless you want to keep waking up all night to relieve yourself thus losing sleep which is the other important factor for well being.

Break fast, or breaking fast from a good night sleep which should be 8 hours! Hey even N.A.S.A makes sure astronauts get 8 hours of sleep! Now they are the cream of the crop. Think whole wheat waffles. If you really need some thing sweet find some kind of sub like natural bee's honey from the hive! Any fruit or some sweet veggies like dates or figs all make excellent sugar subs. The most important meal of the day as your breaking your night fast! You can go big on this meal but "eat clean". Kashi cereal, "steel oatmeal"skim milk, v8 juice or carrot juice, Bananas, plain yogurt. even a little cottage cheese & applesauce makes for a good snack as well as a part of breakfast.

2 hours later: second breakfast: An Apple & Grapes some nuts & mini carrots.

2 hours later: prelunch: Rice cakes & natural peanut butter or baked pecans are awesome.

Around noontime: lunch: Don't let the title or name whole wheat fool you -- most of it is just colored white bread. The kind of bread you want is the "sprouted bread"! Tuna, salmon, roast beast, turkey or chicken with veggies like avocado, tomatoes, lettuce.

A few hours later -- but not later than 18:30 (SEAL time) or 6:30 pm, your final meal could be fish, your fave sushi, chicken but bake or broil everything. NO FRYING ANYTHING or Fast food or FRIED CHICKEN! Kentucky fried is out: it's bad bad bad. The final meal should be at 18:30 or 6:30 pm so you can get to sleep later without the digestion process disturbing you. Also I would say that one should be finished pounding down the water by 17:00 or 5:00 pm so that your sleep is not disturbed by bathroom visits! Remember, sleep zzzzzzzz sleep is soooooooo important!


If you consistently refuse to respect your body, you better find a money tree, because you will need it to pay for all those doctors and nurses.

If you do follow my plan you will find yourself feeling better, smelling better, throwin' down with the younger crowd more. Happier & healthier!


Back in 1997 while serving with the elite Navy SEAL jump team called Leap Frogs, Marcus was involved in a life changing parachuting accident. After free-falling to three thousand feet, Mark opened his chute. But the SEAL above him did not and continued free-falling at ninety miles an hour. The other jumper tore through Mark's chute, hitting him in the head and hand with his body. The impact sent Mark twirling unconscious through the air with few cells left on his chute, and he hit the ground, changing his life forever. Mark's amazing recovery became his biggest challenge – and surviving the accident is a miraculous story in itself -- but what is even more inspiring is how he handles his life after the accident.


The WatchCat said...

Hi Marcus,
First off, thank you for your service and your example.

Second, I understand the general concept of this diet, but what's up with the final meal being at 2 PM? Even if you're going to bed at 9 or 10, that seems like a long stretch without food. Could you explain this further?


Unknown said...
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Alden Mills said...

Comment from CM SEAL blogger Marcus Colburn --

WatchCat, thank you. I had a misstep on the timing of meals -- which is now corrected. Keep the great questions coming!

"The only easy day was yesterday!"

Unknown said...

Dear Hero,
I just read your story. Whoa. You are phenomenal! Thank you for your excellent articles! I also love your creativity! I am sorry for goofing off here. (I'll do it on Alden Mills's from now on. ;) )
I wish you all the best in the world,

Unknown said...

Marcus sir:

What do you think of a "Liquid diet" ? I actually have a whey protein and Gatorade mix with coffee in the morning. Sometimes I add a banana.

I feel better but I am wondering where am I going wrong? I do drink about a gallon of water thru the day and workout about 2 hours a night.

Drive on Perfect Pushup DRIVE ON!


Alden Mills said...

Comment by Marcus Colburn, CM SEAL Team blogger:

Marcus sir: "Sir sir you don't have to call me sir, I work for a living" LOL

WHAT'S UP DOC WITH THAT LIQUID DIET? I can see that if you broke your jaw! Think if your ancestors drank Gatorade or had protein shakes?

But hey if it works for you keep it up. Whatever floats your boat: what works for me may not work for everybody but what did & does work for me is "eating clean"!

Eat bananas like "Magilla Gorilla": why do you think gorillas are so strong? Why do you think hardcore battles are fought with "GUERILLA WARFARE"? Because Gorillas eat lots of bananas!

Excuse me while I go grab a carrot. (grins)


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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