Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marcus Colburn's Eat Clean Diet

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

Here's my Mojo Frog Lifestyle change diet for gaining your goals....but first, let me tell you a story.

During BUD/S there was this one student of mine who was a stud. A big tuff (smart) unusual for a former marine, a very oordinated awesome athlete. We thought this guy would breeze right through no prob. One day he forgot to drink enough water. He drank soft drinks (soda pop). A badddd move that he paid dearly for! Well, of course he cramped up big time during an obstacle course run. As a result he had to be rolled back!

So let that be a big lesson learned for him and a sermon for you!

The Marcus Colburn Eat Clean Diet -- and here's the trick, Make It An Easy Day!

1. Four or five small "clean" meals per day work best for cleaning out, because your body can absorb protein only in small amounts. That's about 30 grams per meal.

2. Excess protein will be stored as fat. Since the goal is to strip off fat and build lean muscle mass, go with the low-fat protein sources such as fish, lean meat, chicken, whey protein powders and egg whites, and spread out those proteins over your five daily meals.

3. Carbs as well as good fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados, assorted fruits) are a must because they produce energy for training and for thinking clearly. That, my dear friends, are a prerequisite for quality training.

4. Remember the mind-muscle connection!

5. Even as far as drinks. All that so called diet crap is just that, crap.
Water is best. If you're one of those people that can't stand plain water, get over that weakness. Think, how bad do you want to reach your goals? You could take real lemons & squeeze them in H2O or oranges or any natural clean source. Work it out by making your choice easier for you to swallow. With a smile.

If your body is a temple, why put crap on your altar and piss off your Maker?

Can I get an AMEN Brothers & Sisters!


Back in 1997 while serving with the elite Navy SEAL jump team called Leap Frogs, Marcus was involved in a life changing parachuting accident. After free-falling to three thousand feet, Mark opened his chute. But the SEAL above him did not and continued free-falling at ninety miles an hour. The other jumper tore through Mark's chute, hitting him in the head and hand with his body. The impact sent Mark twirling unconscious through the air with few cells left on his chute, and he hit the ground, changing his life forever. Mark's amazing recovery became his biggest challenge – and surviving the accident is a miraculous story in itself -- but what is even more inspiring is how he handles his life after the accident.


Joe G. said...

Amen, Bro.!!!!!!!!!!!

I kept reading the legendary trainer Stew Smith. The guy would NOT shut up about drinking water. Water. Water. Water. Okay. That clear liquid stuff. Why does HE KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT?

Researched it a little further and realized, it ain't magic, it's just God's way of helping you lubricate your whole body while you are DRIVING TOWARDS THE GOAL, as Max says. DRIVE ON, BROTHERS.

Marcus Colburn: Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...
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Nancy B. said...

Human beings are the only species that drink liquids other than WATER!
Thanks also for the comments on what we put into our bodies and when.