Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where in the World is Perfect Pushup? Nepal!

A dawn workout atop the Shivapuri Mountains, to the north of Kathmandu, Nepal. These pictures were taken in the Himalayas on 30JAN2007, just after the Perfect Pushup Mobile release. The Perfect Pushup Mobile weighs just two pounds, making it the perfect upper body strength and conditioning tool when space and weight is at a premium. Meet Bhim Chand, a guide from Earth's Paradise Trek and Adventures.

The second picture is of Alex Webb, a LSU geologist. Webb was in Nepal researching the rise of the Himalayan mountains and he turned to the experienced Chand and his company for logistical support. Although most of their business comes from geological research teams, eco- and adventure tourists also trek through the High Himalayan ranges.
Teammates -- please send us your pictures of the Perfect Products around the globe -- and if possible, please translate "Get Ripped" or "Be Strong, Be Ready" into your native language! Send pictures and a few words about your adventure to getfit@perfectpushup.com. Where in the World is Perfect Pushup? runs on the last day of each month.

Greetings from Bhim Chand: Namaste -- "I bow to you." Thanks too for translating our company's trademark phrases -- "Get Ripped" or "Be Strong, Be Ready"- "BALIYO RA FURTILO HUNUHOS."

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