Friday, March 27, 2009

March Radio Madness and the Perfect Pushup

TGIF Teammates! For your Friday afternoon listening pleasure, check out a podcast from a popular Bay area morning radio show, The Woody Show on Live 105.3 FM. -- click on the podast called Infomercial Madness.

They have been doing a segment this past week called “Infomercial March Madness” to find the all-time greatest infomercial product. Perfect Pushup made it to their Sweet Sixteen so one of our Perfect Marketing Team decided to take the radio station by storm.

I'll let her tell the story -- Julie, take it away! "So, this morning at a blurry-eyed 6 a.m., I headed down to the radio station armed with a case of Perfect Pushups and a “cover letter” introducing us as a local company with a killer product! I was able to bypass their tight security and made friends with their call screener, Katie. She brought me up to studio where I hung out for a while, watched them do the show, met one of the DJs (Greg), and unleashed the power of the Perfect Pushup! They were all VERY excited about the pushups."

HOOYAH for taking a beachhead Julie! Next year we're going to the Championships!! Teammates, push out some Perfect Pushups while you're following your teams this weekend.


1 comment:

Joe G. said...

Everybody wear your Snuggies the next time you work out, in honor of these talented radio hosts (even though they dropped us from the Elite Eight).

Real Navy SEALs are not afraid to wear Snuggies, and they use George Foreman Grills also, to "knock out the fat!"