Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MMA Max's Perfect Birthday Present

Guest blogger: MMA Max

Every so often we get an email at Perfect Pushup that just shouts out for a blog -- Max's letter was one of them! Be sure to check out Max's website and blog -- and listen to his radio show. Hooyah that the Perfect Pushup is working for you Max!


"Alden -- Thank you for creating The Perfect Pushup!

After hurting both my wrists shooting .45 (S&W) when I was in a Guard unit, I could not do push ups without intense pain in my wrists. It got so bad that doing the push ups were not the problem BUT overcoming the intense pain was!

I tried my hands in every position and still no luck. Hell I even tried putting my hands on 2 x 4's and still the pain. I left the Guard unit after Flight 800 ( Long Island NY- July 17, 1996) That was the last times I did any PT. When I got back into Karate and Boxing, THE PAIN came back also. Pain, pain,pain, did I say Pain?

Last night for my Birthday, I got your Perfect Pushup as a present. When I tell you I got excited enough to rip the box open and I had to try them out, it is a completely gross UNDERSTATEMENT!. Your Perfect Pushups was a want and also a need. The very first Perfect Pushup I did, it has been years that I have not felt the pain. I put 'em aside and did a regular push up and I felt the pain -- for the last time!

Come to think of it, I can't remember what else I got for my birthday! I think so highly of your product, I am adding a link from my MMA site to yours -- NYMMA News. Thank you again for a great product!"


Unknown said...

SitRep: (Situation Report)

Just over one month of use and the only pain I feel is in my Chest! Next I will be trying The Perfect Pushup Super Slow Mo Reps.

I can honestly say I see A difference in my punching power and my upper body strength. My punching endurance went thru the roof! My grappling ability has improved also.

Drive On Perfect Pushup, DRIVE ON!


Joe G. said...

Max, I've just added your Web site to my favorites list. We are expecting a lot of you as a new Teammate.


Alden Mills said...

HOOYAH Joe and Max -- "There is no i in Team" but there is in Swim Buddy! Everyone -- and I mean everyone NEEDS a Swim Buddy! Thanks for Swim Buddin' Max to our team. Nothing fires me up more than CM Teammates helping each other succeed!


Unknown said...

Thank You fellow teammates!

There is No "I" in team, but more important there is no "I" in Perfect Pushup!

Remember, Pain is the sign that Weakness is leaving your body.

Drive on Perfect Pushup, DRIVE ON!