Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meet USF's Dr Jeremy Howell, the Best in the Exercise Business

CM Teammates – I’m honored to introduce the latest blogger to our team: Dr. Jeremy Howell. The Doc represents one of just a small handful of what I call Guardian Swim Buddies (aka Angels) that I met through my journey of building Team Perfect. Back in 2003 when my ideas represented nothing more than cocktail napkins in a sketch book, Jeremy took the time give me “functional” focus on my ideas and ideas that were yet to come.

He’s the Chair of the Exercise and Sports Science Department at the University of San Francisco – he’s passionate about teaching the next generation about how to take control of their bodies (and have fun doing it – he’ll tell you – that’s the KEY – having fun!) – he volunteers – literally – around the world to educate and motivate young (and old) minds alike on getting fit and staying fit – truly a one of a kind. Please enjoy and savor his thoughts…and like all of our bloggers – he’s willing to answer questions – so Get Fired UP to learn from one of the best in the business – Professor Jeremy Howell! He'll be on board tomorrow, 16MAR09.


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