Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where in the World is Perfect Pushup? Uruguay!

Uruguay: Meet Jon's 80 year-old aunt "Chiquita"

Jon said, "I went to Uruguay in South America to visit my family. I was doing Perfect Pushups and my 80 year-old aunt was like "I can do that". LOL! Here are some pics of her using your pushup handles."

When we asked Jon if we could share her story, he said, "This is pretty cool. She's 80 years old. We call her "Chiquita" which is "little person" in Spanish. She was a Ballet Dancer in her younger years and modeled. She walks with a jump to her step. Very confident and is willing to take on challenges. She is truly a "one of a kind" kind of person. She feels younger then she looks."

Jon, please thank your aunt for launching our newest monthly feature -- Keep the pictures and stories coming -- -- and share your Perfect Adventures with the Teammates of Charlie Mike!



Joe G. said...


Lisa A said...

Too cool Aunt "Chiquita" !!

This blog reminded me of my grandfather, who lived to be 99 :) I remember watching him teach my younger sister how to do skin the cats when he was 70 something. He showed her multiple times. It pays to be fit!!

No offense meant to any cat lovers. Here's a link if you don't know what I'm talking about...

Unknown said...

Okay, I have no other excuses after seeing this lovely 80 year old lady do this.

I'm just a 40 year old mom of 5 kids (all under 10yrs.) I am on day 3...just rested yesterday...I am fairly sore in places I never expected to workout. I will be so excited when I can actually do 1 pullup! Sad isn't it?! I guess Rome wasn't built in a day.

I just want to be strong again...and it won't hurt looking hot again either!

The sad thing is that I have a degree in Physical Fitness and know what I need to do to be fit and healthy...I am starting to understand the phrase..just do it! It is high time I do something for me!

Thanks for the blog!

;) Jennifer