Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Check out the Today Show tomorrow 8/9 am

Charlie Mike Teammates --

The Perfect Pushup will be featured on the Today Show on NBC tomorrow (2/5). The segment will air between the 8AM-9AM.

Perfect Pushup will be included in a round-up of products for a segment on "Home Fitness Infomercial Products." The other products they have selected to include are the Rock and Go, Cardio Twister and Iron Gym.

Thank you for your support: the Today Show is the #1 ranked national morning show and it's great to have the opportunity to inform and Fire Up people who are Perfect Pushup novices.

Please share the news and tune in to NBC tomorrow morning!



Muccione said...

How you doing Alden?
It has been a long time since we have talked..Last time was at a Christmas get together at CTMM's. You, Bill, Gil, and me hanging out...Drop me a line so we can chat sometime. I actually have something to ask you..
Robert Pro

Alden Mills said...

Robert Pro -- could you send me an email at


Joe G. said...

Matt Lauer looked pretty good on that cheap imitation of the Perfect Pullup -- at least better than Meredith Vieira on the cheap imitation of the Perfect Pullup.

Remember, folks: QUALITY DOESN'T COST. IT PAYS!!

Joe G. said...

Sorry - Matt did pullups, but Meredith did pushups...and she was using a cheap imitation of the Perfect Pushup, IMHO.