Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hit the Ground Running with LT. Tim Grizzell

CM Teammates! Last month I introduced you to my swim buddy, former Navy SEAL platoon commander and a damn good friend, LT. Tim Grizzell – aka Brotha Al. Tim has done SEAL tours on the west coast, the far east and in Europe; he was a top collegiate runner and he's an aspiring running apparel entrepreneur.

There's not much Tim doesn't know about the art and science of running -- as the Teammates who asked him questions discovered. CHARLIE MIKE is going to "re-run" three of his replies this week:

* Humans Were Born to Run
* Running in a Very Cold Climate
* Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone: Going from Walking to Running

Tim will be back next month blogging on How He Trains for Marathons so hold on to your questions. Brotha Al, CHARLIE MIKE is Fired UP to have you on deck!


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Unknown said...

I'm a natural runner and I love running but it hurts my boobs so I don't do it anymore. Do you know of anything else that gives that great feeling that running does? I do biking and I hate it and it's stressful!