Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to the Future with Abe of Texas

Teammates – it is my pleasure to share Abe’s story with you. Hooyah Abe!!

My name is Abe R. I got the Perfect Pushup last November and started using the work out chart. My first max was 10 pushups, barely. I struggled to do 10. Here’s my background: when I was is in high school my bench max was 310lbs. I only weighed 168lbs. Now I weigh 235lbs and have not even touched a weight bench in 13 years. Thanks to your product I worked my way up to the top level of the work out chart.

Today I decided to go the local work out center and tried my hand at the bench press. I am happy to report that because of your product today I benched 300lbs. The only thing that I have done in 13 years is use your product. I use it every day. Here is the after photo of me.

When I went to the gym, I did 10 reps of 225 then 6 reps then 2. I told every one at the gym about your product and recommended it. I have incorporated the Perfect Pushup into my bench press routine.

Thanks very much.

Abe R., Texas

Teammates -- If you have a story and a picture too, fire away: getfit@perfectpushup.com.


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Joe G. said...

Abe, you are The Man.

Good luck to you.