Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Solution for the Diet Plateau Blues

Guest blogger: Stew Smith

I have been working out for several years now and have dropped from 335 to 250 and look and feel a lot better. I am 6'1". I am working with a trainer and he has me on a bodybuilders diet but I have plateaued and I want to loose more weight. 50-20-30 diet. 50% lean protein, 20% complex carbs, and 30% good fats. If I change to a low calorie balanced diet will I lose a lot of muscle and not just fat? Thanks, John

Nicely done John - just by doing what you have done will add years to your life. I think your diet is fine so I would think about changing up the other side of the equation which is the workout itself.

When you hit a plateau - make a change: add more cardio, decrease weight on lifting and do more reps, add in new leg exercises, - sometimes it is as simple as adding swimming or more running to your plan - BUT at 250 I would pick a easier low impact aerobic activity like elliptical gliders, biking, rowing, etc. You may need to add some time to your workout to get these new exercises in OR just replace by using Perfect Pushups, Perfect Pullups versus weights.

Also arrange your workouts so you do your weights / PT first and then cardio last for better fat burning mode.


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