Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy Dayz Way to Eat Right

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

On the road! If you Eat Right on your "PERFECT" road to Easy Dayz, maybe you'll find the "perfect" fountain of youth along the way.

If you do any travelling, then you know how difficult it can be to get a low fat, high protein meal on the road. I always like to travel prepared. I pack a chicken breast sandwich on whole grain bread and a banana whenever I jump on a plane. Once I get to my destination, I make a quick pit stop into a local grocery store and pick up instant oatmeal, some bananas, apples, or oranges, and bottled water. I pack my own "PERFECT FOOD"!

Teammates, we're on to our quest for the ""PERFECT"ion". Yes, we all know that we must do our crunches and eat right -- to Stay Lean and Healthy!

It has long been only a myth about discovering the fountain of youth -- but we have found it and it's so easy. Just stay motivated and keep on training and eating right. We'll be here to help you. By the way, be sure you use the handy carry along "Perfect Pushups" & check out this blog for motivation. It's full of great information from many experts on all of the current fitness and nutrition topics of the day. Let us know how you like it!



Joe G. said...


I just pushed out a 2-minute drill for you (it was for ME actually, of course, but you inspired me). I'm at the 26-14-10 level, so that's 50! I just got to this level about a week ago - SO I'M STILL FIRED UP ABOUT IT.

Thanks for the great post!

Unknown said...

For some strange reason, OATMEAL is the root of all evil for me, no matter how I cook it. It just reeks all havoc in my gut. As strange as it sounds, I enjoy Oatmeal but hate the torture it put me thru.

Got a gut friendly option to Oatmeal?

I too can be on the road and I find that with a little Recon I can stick to somewhat a diet. I find myself living on Bananas and PowerBars (Gel type) I would love to living on Perfect Pushup Bars!

Still a basic to my "nutrition" is almost liquid. I mix some Whey Protein and Blue Gatorade into 16 oz of water. Mix and enjoy. after that I have another 16 oz of water with a sprinkling of Gatorade in it. Add 2 bananas and I am off and running. 10 am is a banana break. "Lunch" is a cup of coffee with a powerbar and banana.

Dinner is almost always a meat dish with some small carb item. If I am home I go and drain.( I just have a small "breakfast" with me at the gym while I beat up people! )

where and what am I doing wrong? I just think I could be doing alot better but where?