Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twenty-three Game Changing Tips

CM SEAL Team blogger: Marcus Colburn

It's simple to suggest eat less, exercise more and you'll lose fat.
Unfortunately this advice does not explain why your friend can indulge in pizza and beer and stay shredded all summer while others need to put a microscope over every food that enters their mouth.

As you know, not all metabolisms are created equal and research has proven that some of us can burn fat faster than others. If you feel like you're doing everything right but still unable so shed those last few pounds then let one of the following advanced fat burning tips and tricks below work for you.

Getting shredded can not be left to chance with the mentality that you hope it works. In order to shake the last few pounds of fat you must combine as many of these techniques as possible so that you experience a huge difference in the mirror as you say:


Here are 23 of the exact secrets I used to cut 23-pounds of fat in 10-weeks that lead to the photos that declare victory!

1. Follow a specific, pre-set nutrition plan so that you know exactly what you're supposed to eat and what times and in what amounts. You will be less likely to cheat and more likely to follow your plan. Print it out and post it on your refrigerator.

2. Read labels because you must be precise about your food intake and ensure your food plan matches exactly with what you're consuming or how in the world can you help yourself?

3. Go slow & if you fall back, break into a run -- just keep shooting for "PERFCT"ting it each week.

4. Tweak, re-evaluate and re-tweak. If you're not losing, tweak ONE variable for the following week while keeping everything else standardized. Re-evaluate your progress and continue this feed back loop each week.

5. When tweaking a variable in your training, make small changes instead of big ones. For example, add one extra 45-minute cardio session next week if you plateaued, not 3 extra cardio sessions. If you're doing 2 interval workouts, add a third.

6. Did I say small changes are responsible for big changes? If you're eating 2 slices of whole wheat bread on meal one, drop it to only 1 slice instead. Dramatic nutrition or cardio changes is unnecessary. Remember it's a "HUMAN RACE" not an immortal race!

7. Plan to raise your caloric intake one time every five days, minimum.

8. Start doing interval training and build up to at least three 20-minute workouts at 85% intensity.

9. For interval training, rely on the classic and effective 1-minute hard followed by 1-minute easy protocol for a total of 10 intervals.

10. Incorporate steady-state cardio on a empty stomach before breakfast. If you're on a ultra low-carb diet then this is not necessary however "regular" cardio in a fasted state can help your body to resort to using more fat for

11. Drink a big black cup of coffee or have an espresso before you do fasted cardio before breakfast.

12. Incorporate a liter of water before you do your cardio in a fasted state in the morning.

13. If possible, perform strength training in the evening and perform your cardio in the morning. This requires more dedication but can be very effective for your quest for "PERFECT" ion.

14. Train hard with high speed strength movements often. Challenge your buddies! Be prepared to move from 3-days or 4-days of strength training to at least 5-days of strength training a week.

15. During fat loss, the details of the workout are not as important as muscle building. Focus on intensity and finishing the workout knowing you held nothing back.

16. Keep rest periods between 30-60 seconds.

17. Don't worry about the length of your workouts, even if they last up to 1.5 hours.

18. Don't plant to eat perfectly without any unplanned cheat, I mean "TREAT"!


19. Eat as many fibrous vegetables as possible like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and/or asparagus to name a few.

20. Eat your first meal earlier than you are currently eating it now. Having your first meal around 6 am and your last meal around 6 pm works the best for the majority of people.

21. Treat your weight training workouts as if you're trying to build muscle. Keep the STRENGTH moves harder & heavy duty to keep your muscle mass and maintain your metabolism. Believe me, if you do pullups in crazy ways with a friend holding you down or pullups with your buddy pullin at you. You do more good for yourself then the aveage joe does at the gym & you're more functional too. Make sure you stretch all muscle groups as you get warmed up in between sets!

* "Stretching is like doing steroids without messing with your hormones that scream later!"

22. Only bring food items that appear on your meal plan into your home.

23. Set a deadline for the day you want to be shredded and ripped.

Just one of these tips above could be the game-changer to get shredded at last. Your instincts will tell you which ones to begin leveraging starting today.

Feel free to add your own tips to mine at the CHARLIE MIKE blog!



Jim said...

I totally agree! Staying fit and maintaining one's weight stable or even losing weight is EASY ONCE HE/SHE PUTS HIS/HER MIND into eating healthy and at reasonable quantities.

I've heard sooo many times my colleagues (female ones) say "that's it, next monday I'm starting a diet" and so I asked them "why not today, why not now?" and the reply was "I'm not ready yet, but Monday I'm definitely going to start". Needless to say, that these diets always lasted about a week and then all (if any) of the weight they managed to shed off got back in just a matter of few days. Again I asked them, "why don't you start exercising?" and the reply was "exercise is too hard, plus it's summer and it's really hot to exercise".
My point is that if someone is not determined to apply changes to his/her life by putting in the required effort then how can they expect change to come on its own?

Brian Wu said...

I love the posts.

Just to follow up, were the first 10 comments a while back supposed to get t-shirts?

Alden Mills said...

Brian -- Thank you for checking in. You're referencing the Perfect Dip blog, correct? IF you send your address/size to -- we're all set to send you a Get Ripped t-shirt. Teammates, some of you have you received shirts -- Let us know!


Joe G. said...

I feel my mojo coming back!