Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Beth Rodden, Professional Rock Climber

Guest blogger: Beth Rodden, Perfect Athlete Ambassador

Hello fans of Perfect Fitness! My name is Beth Rodden and I am a fellow fan as well as a professional rock climber. Sounds kind of crazy, I know, but I am extremely lucky to be able to pursue my passion of climbing as my career. I spend most of my time climbing, surprise surprise or traveling, doing slideshows or clinics. And in between, I LOVE to bake, absolutely love it! Unfortunately I am allergic to dairy, so I am constantly looking for the perfect dairy-free dessert, usually including copious amounts of chocolate and sugar. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

So, back to Perfect Fitness…..the products are amazing! I always had wrist problems doing conventional push-ups, and climbers are always dealing with elbow problems from doing too many pull-ups, but the Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pullup seem to squash those problems by allowing the joints to move freely in their natural motions. Check out my workout:

30 Crunches (legs in the air)
10 Pushups
30 Seconds in Plank Position (hands on PPU) alternating each leg in the air for 5 seconds
5 Pullups
It may not seem like it from my petite appearance, but I am a total hammerhead when it comes to working out. The Perfect Fitness products allow me to exercise until exhaustion without being prone to injury. I started climbing in the climbing gyms, so whenever I am able to get into a good gym for a workout it is like going back to my roots. I have also fallen in love with the mountains, and make my home in Yosemite, which allows great access to the best climbing in the world as well as being able to live in the Sierras, the most beautiful mountains in the world.

My favorite product is the Perfect Pushup Mobile because I have perfected living out of a suitcase and the Mobile fits perfectly [no pun intended] wherever I find myself, be it hotel room or campsite. Being a climber I try to work on opposition movement and exercises, which always include push-ups. From Calgary this spring, to South Africa this summer and then back in the Sierras for the fall, I hope to see you out in the mountains or in the gym.

Good luck with your personal fitness goals. Grab a friend, put on your favorite playlist, and try a new exercise. The most important thing is to have fun with whatever you are doing, that way you'll continue doing it for a long time.

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