Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Dr. Karin Anderson

Guest blogger: Keith Greer

CM Teammates -- my name is Keith Greer. I have been with Alden and Team Perfect since almost the beginning. My role is to run the television campaigns for the company’s products. It's an exciting job, especially when you have such great products and customers. Perfect Pushup was the #1 direct response spot for all of 2008 as measured by the Infomercial Monitoring Service. We owe this great distinction to our dedicated customers.

This week I would like to introduce Dr. Karin Anderson. She is an Emergency Room Physician in the Greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area so she definitely knows how to deal with stress. Karin is also a dedicated physical fitness athlete who clearly knows the human body. She's going to be an excellent addition to the CHARLIE MIKE team. We can all pick up some great tips from her knowledge of both disciplines.

Welcome Karin!

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Unknown said...

Drive on Dr. Anderson,DRIVE ON!