Monday, May 11, 2009

CHARLIE MIKE: An Attitude of Action

What does the term “CHARLIE MIKE” mean?

In the Special Operations world – Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Air Force CCT/Para-Rescue, to name a few, we use the term CHARLIE MIKE as a code for Continue Mission when speaking on the radio to higher command or other teammates. Whether you’re about to jump from an airplane, dive from a boat or assault a target – CHARLIE MIKE is all about making the mission happen – it’s about Never Giving Up until you have completed the mission and hearing the words MIKE CHARLIE: Mission Complete.

Though very few folks will ever endure the training and missions of Special Operations teams, the lessons learned from these special warriors can be applied to anyone, and that’s what our blog CHARLIE MIKE is all about – encouraging folks to find their mission, whether it’s a better body or a better life, and Never Giving Up on their mission. CHARLIE MIKE blog is code for an attitude of action, and the people that post to CHARLIE MIKE are committed to taking action and encouraging others to do the same. You will never fail if you take action toward your goal, but you are guaranteed to fail if you never act. We hope those that post inspire you to set your sights on bigger, more daring, missions, and if they do, we hope you’ll post your journey so you can inspire others to do the same.

We’re on a mission – are you?



Joe G. said...

I think I told you guys and girls a while back that I live around the corner from an old man who was on the island of Iwo Jima as a battlefield surgeon in 1945. You can imagine what this guy has lived through. I called on him as a salesman for years, and got to know him well. Now he is about 90 years old and retired, but I can assure you that he worked well into his ‘80s, winding down his medical career as a general practitioner. He would see patients in a little office that doubled as one of his homes (this other building also is not far from my house, but I’m not sure he still owns it), and he would constantly tell patients the same thing: Quit eating junk and start exercising.

Anyway, I will never, ever forget three little jewels of advice that he gave me: “I’ll tell you what I used to tell my boys,” he’d say (he had two sons). I ate it up. I MEMORIZED these three things*. Very few residents of this community know what this man means to me. To them he’s just a hunched-over old man who can barely walk, confined to his home, one of those discarded elderly soldiers that doesn’t contribute anymore to our celebrity-and-youth-worshiping culture. Mike Charlie will happen for me when I see strong evidence that we revere old soldiers like this MORE than we worship Hollywood brats. Until then, Charlie Mike!

*No, I’m not telling the three things to our Teammates here. It’s just common sense stuff. You had to be there in person to appreciate it anyway.

DebbieKinIL said...

TY- this one of my favorite posts.

I'm thinking that you have to "Earn your good health -Everyday! " CHARLIE MIKE