Friday, May 1, 2009

TGIF: PERFECT in the Workplace

Guest blogger: Julie Erickson, Marketing Coordinator

Hello Teammates!

Since becoming a member of Team Perfect here in the marketing department a few months ago, I’ve experienced an unparalleled pride in the company that I represent. When getting to know someone, I honestly can’t wait for the question to come up— “So, where do you work?” Ahhhh yes! Then I get to talk about my amazing co-workers, our kick-ass products, and incomparable company culture. Predictably, if you were to look over at me when I’m having a conversation with someone I just met, 9 times out of 10 I’ll be doing the Perfect Pushup or Perfect Pullup “hand-gestures”! My explanation usually also triggers a reaction of “No way! You work for Perfect Pushup? Sweet!” So, since my employment began, I’ve done my best to spread the word to friends (and everyone else for that matter!) about the greatness of our products.

Case 1: The roommate. She works in a “suit-and-tie” kind of office in an 11-story building in the Financial District of San Francisco with mostly other mid to late 20-somethings. They have meetings every morning at 7am to get them fired up and keep the energy level high throughout the day by hitting a 2-foot gong whenever someone secures a lead. And NOW her office is also equipped with a set of PERFECT PUSHUPS!

Now, whenever someone has reason to hit the gong, they also have reason to drop down and pump out some pushups! And don’t think high heels are going to discourage the ladies—they kick those shoes off and do pushups too! When hunched in front of a computer all day, taking a short break to do some pushups is a great way to get the blood flowing and stimulate some inter-office rivalry!



Joe G. said...

Okay, Julie, you asked for it. Now we need to know who is Office Champion. Said individual must provide video evidence on YouTube of perfect form using the Perfect Pushup (e.g. I don't see any Perfect Counters in your pictures). ARE THERE CHEATERS IN THE OFFICE?

Unknown said...

I will bet you that your office will be more productive by the mere site of the Perfect Pushups.

Coffee ? Who needs coffee when a all natural pick me up is The Perfect Pushup?