Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mobilize Your Motivation

Teammates -- You need to understand “why” you are even considering exercise in the first place – your motivation lies here. To do this, do the following – get a blank sheet of paper and isolate yourself for 10 minutes – during those ten minutes write down every positive thing you can think of regarding “why” you should exercise – examples: get more energy so I can play with my kids, do more with my friends/girlfriend/wife, so I can travel, so I can get more out of life, so I can feel better, so I can…. Think of it in categories like personal (as in the example above) or medical – so I can lower my blood pressure or lower my doc bills or so I can prevent getting type 2 diabetes or keep my diabetes in check.

The list is much more than you may think and by writing it down it will help you unlock your subconscious and open up your conscious decision making. At the end of the day – you and ONLY you decide what kind of attitude you going to have, and you and ONLY you decide what your body is going to do and when it’s going to do it.

After you’ve finished your 10 minutes of stream of consciousness writing of the all the positive things you will gain by exercising – go back and circle the top five reasons that are most important to you – write those down on a separate sheet of paper and sign it, just like a contract.

Then, take another step if you have the guts – write down everything that prevents you from exercising – write every excuse that you make up to avoid working out…understanding your enemy is critical to crushing your enemy … and your ability to make excuses (not to worry, we ALL do it) is your number ONE enemy. As you do this process is will become clear to you that there are some key reasons why you should exercise – your attitude will shift from – “ugh, exercise today – do have to?” to “YES! Today is another opportunity for me to take control of my body so I can…..(you fill in the blank).” CHARLIE MIKE on this (Continue Mission) – it’s the most important element of exercise, so go GET yourself FIRED UP!


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