Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Drop Down for LCDR Mike Ryan!

CM Teammates! You’re gonna need to drop on down for this next Navy SEAL blogger – God only knows how many SEAL candidates have done pushups at his feet – that’s because Lieutenant Commander Mike Ryan is a former Navy SEAL BUD/S instructor. He taught (and ran) Third Phase (last 9 weeks of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training) for over two years and was responsible for training more than 300 SEALs. Before accepting command of Third Phase, Mike was at SEAL Team THREE (Coronado) where he led SEAL platoons in the Middle East.

I first met Mike when he was in Class 180 and I was in Class 181 – his reputation as Aquaman had already been established: he broke the BUD/S record for the 800 yard Combat Underwater Recovery swim (that puts him in legendary status in BUD/S!). We became fast best friends when we had the opportunity to spend some R and R in a Mexican jail (yes during BUD/S – no we didn’t get kicked out, but it was close), and we’ve remained best of friends today. He’s the best of the best - a truly inspirational leader, who gets the meaning of CHARLIE MIKE – he never quits – just ask him about breaking his legs during a timed BUD/S run – and top it off, he’s one of the most hilarious guys I know (put Rancich and Ryan together and your abs will be in knots).

Enjoy his CHARLIE MIKE posts, and know that like the other bloggers, he’s preaching what he practices – so get yourself Fired UP for doing 50 pushups before reading his blog tomorrow – because that’s how many pushups every candidate has to do in Third Phase – Drop on Down for Instructor RYAN!



Joe G. said...

Uh oh. Just when I thought I'd reached a nice, comfortable plateau, You-know-who starts signing up SEAL instructors.

Oh, well, it IS a free country, and he invented the stuff - and the website, for that matter.


You can't hurt me. I'm a civilian!

Unknown said...

Joe G- thanks note! The folks at Perfect tell me you are a great member of the team. MR