Monday, February 11, 2008

This is NOT a Valentine's Day Post


This is NOT a Valentine's Day post - I'm not much into a holiday that totally blows the element of surprise when honoring your girl - she expects something on Valentine's Day and sets us up for serious potential for disappointment. Which is I why I much prefer giving surprise gifts to my wife when she least expects it - much lower bar for success!

As I mentioned in the last post, the Perfect Team has been working hard to launch the Perfect Pullup - we're proud of this product - it will definitely take your workouts to the next level...speaking of which, I've been working on some new workouts that combine the Perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pullup. I like working muscle groups synergistically - like Chest and Triceps (Perfect Pushup) and Back and Biceps (Perfect Pullup). The workouts are simple but challenging: on the pushup side try to get to 200 pushups in a four hour period but see how few sets you can do it in - for example - if you did 10 sets of 20 - then your score is 10, the lower the score the better - my best score is 4. Good luck.

On the Pullup side, I love the pyramid approach of 1 to 10 - doubletap 10 (do it twice) then back down - it's a 110 pullups - and in between each set of pullups do twice the number of pushups - Awesome workout...Let me know how it goes...oh, and good luck on V-day, I'll be staying away from jewelry - too high risk.



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Chonne said...

Hello Charlie,
My son just turned 20 yrs old in Dec of 2007. He has successfully completed the fire academy course and obtained his fire fighter I certification. In addition, he just completed the EMT-Basic course, taken and passed the National Registry EMT-B Exam, recongnized throughout the USA, as well as obtained certification recognized to practice in this capacity within the state of CA. He is currently a volunteer firefighter/EMT at our local Fire Dept, and has 6 years of experience, which includes 4 years in the Fire Explorer Program, as platoon leader, mentoring young incoming explorers interested in firefighting a possible career path. He does a complete workout at the fire station with stationery and free weights. However, he is 154 lbs. and 5'10" and desires to increase his upper body and core strength, as well as bulking up in size. The strength factor is really a necessity for success in this very competitive field. He has considered enlisting in the Navy as DC preferrably, or Medic, second choice, to further his practical experience, as well as utilize the educational benefits offered to pay for college fees to obtain his BS in fire science. His brother-in-law was active/enlisted for 6 years, at E-6 in the US Coast Guard. After he made the choice to not re-up ?? (continue 2 more years active enlistment) He remained inactive reserve and obtained chief with 9 years in total. He has just been offered an officer position if he returned to at least active reserve and currently contemplating this opportunity. He has spoken to my son regarding the opportunities as DC (for firefighting, destruction control experience). He can try to get on the list for search and rescue, the much sought after and most competitive position offered in the Coast Guard. My son does realize that much is determined by his asvab score for placement, not necessarily the experience he brings to the recruitment office. He has been told that it virtually makes no difference in factoring in job placement.
My question to you is: With your Navy experience, I am sure you are somewhat biased, I'd like to obtain your input regarding this course, if the benefits would make significant career opportunities more attainable, or would this decision set him back 4 years. This is my fear, he is so far ahead of the pack at the present time, and neither the Navy (Dept. of Defense) or the Coast Guard (Dept. Homeland Security) can guaranty a position, they can promise anything verbally, but once the papers are signed, the Govt. ownes you, and National Security is first above all things, and you get the position they decide is needed to best serve the needs of our country and your tested abilities.
***More importantly, I feel that your product would have great benefits to him. Do you have many Firefighters purchasing your products, ie; the Pull-Up Complete pkg for endurance and strenth??
**As a certified FFI and EMT is he qualified to receive a discount coupon?? I am currently disabled at 44 with an incurrable disease, so any discount would be most helpful. This purchase would be a graduation gift for him for completely 2 very challenging courses, passing with high scores. I want him to know how proud we are of his accomplishments. If this is not an option, is my son-in-law qualified for the military discount in his Coast Guard capacity? Please let me know in which possibilities I might be able to obtain the discount code. It would at least offset the S&H fee, as it is only offered on-line at this time, so I cannot get it anywhere local to avoid this charge. Also, the on-line ordering is the only place that offers the discount code section for entry.
****Also, I see on your blog that you have been trying to encompass a dvd workout to utilize both the Pull-Up and Push-Up workout together. Have you created this dvd? If so, how can this be obtained, and can either the advanced 10 dvd replace the basic, as they are the same price? If the combined Pull-UP and Push-Up dvd is currently available, can it be included in the combined total package instead of the Push-Up 10 basic?
Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy inquiry. Any advise and input would greatly be appreciated, as I respect your opinions and know that I did get a bit off topic with the Navy questions. You are admired for your experience, service and desire to help others become healthy, strong and successful regardless of experience level, career path or general interest. I hope you will address my questions and concerns.
Chonne Kashur
a concerned mom wanting success for her son....