Monday, January 28, 2008

Dive Your Plan and the Perfect Pullup Launch

Teammates - hope January dive planning (goal setting) has gone well. Now for the fun part - now that you've planned your Dive, it's time to Dive your Plan.

During the last three weeks, the Perfect Pushup team has been "Diving our Plan" with the launch of the Perfect Pullup - checkout - I'd love your feedback. Over the past year we've heard so many inspirational stories about how folks from all fitness levels and ages have used the Perfect Pushup to take control of their bodies, that now they are hungry for more ways to take their fitness to the next level. Enter the Perfect Pullup...

Like the Perfect Pushup, the Perfect Pullup has been on the drawing board for sometime. In SEAL Team (and other special forces teams), Pushups and Pullups go hand in hand - literally. We would often do circuits of Pushups, Pullups and Situps for well over an hour on just these three core exercises. There's a reason why SEAL Team uses pushups, pullups and situps (along with running and swimming) as the key fitness metrics for judging a candidate's fitness level - they work all the core muscle groups (esp when you include running and swimming in the mix) - they are simple and very, very effective.

Whether you're boarding a ship using a caving ladder (small climbing ladder) or fastroping from a Helicopter (or getting back into the bird!), grip and back strength is mission critical...the problem is, most folks don't know where to start with a pullup because they don't know how to do one or have the initial strength to do one - that's why I'm so proud of our design of the Perfect Pullup - it ENABLES folks of any fitness level to perform and receive the benefits of a pullup and equally important - like the Perfect Pushup - the Perfect Pullup allows your arms to rotate naturally through the exercise which means you get more muscles engaged through your natural range of motion.

We're thrilled about the introduction of our new product line and we hope you guys approve - we want to hear your thoughts. When you use the Perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pullup, you'll be taking your workouts to a whole new level. So attack this year's "Dive Plan" and Get Fired UP to Dive your Plan!



db said...

Does this substitute perfect pushup or are they complementary? If they are complementary is there any workout plan that uses both? Or a perfect pullup workout plan works also the same muscles of perfect pushup? Thanks

Unknown said...

Great to see your product and website take off. I see your "Perfect Pushup" commercials that run all the time on cable here in Tampa. I'm proud of you brother.

FYI - Years ago (2004) I gave a lecture talking about the SEAL/SF effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. A young boy (12 years old) in the crowd came afterward stating that he wanted to become a Navy SEAL. Since then I've taken him under my wing to get him prepped for BUD/s. He is now a high school sophomore who swims, runs and wrestles in preparation for Coronado one day. He reads/buys everything on SEALs and ordered your Perfect Pushup set a few months ago. He sent the below e-mail to me to thank you for your products.

Keep in touch Alden and keep up the great work.

Dan O'Shea
813 407 1221


Here is the email to Alden Mills. Again, thanks for forwarding this to him.



I bought the perfect pushup handle kit that included the handles, 21 day workout, and DVD. I must say I have seen better results with the handles than with weight training or regular pushups. The max I did was 30 and am already seeing phenomenal results. My biceps have gained much more mass and my abs and back are more defined. Before starting the program, I could bench 175 while weighing around 150. Currently, I am able to bench 195 multiple times. Along with my recovering cardio (due to arthroscopic surgery on both knees), my workouts are more time efficient than doing an hour of weight training. The tips and exercises of the month are all very helpful and beneficial. To really sum it all up, its a great product with great support.


Sam Farnan

Brian Wu said...

I love the perfect pushup and am very eager to try out the perfect pullup. I am sure it's of the same great quality. It is more expensive and not on yet.

I can't wait though till it comes to my door!

Keep up the great work.