Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Now roll out of the rack and push'em out - and get ready for 2008, because this year can be as GREAT as YOU want it to be.

This is certainly the most appropriate time of the year to Fire Up your internal engine - clear your mind of last year's distractions - and create a new dive plan with new goals. I do it every year and I do it on New Year's Day. I used to do later in the day after the hangover had worn-off (in my pre-kid days), now I do it when my kids are taking a nap (hopefully) in the early afternoon or right after I've put them to bed. I break my goals up into three categories and I only make three resolutions - too many and I lose focus. My categories are:

1. Personal - for me, myself and I, ONLY

2. Professional - business related goal

3. Family - one killer goal that will Fire Up the family

If the goals are achieved prior to the end of the current year, then I revamp it with an improvement. One more thing - I carry the three Resolutions/Goals with me in my wallet (it's kind of a wallet - it's a little credit card holder - so I make the resolutions the size of a credit card and keep them next to a credit card I use - my ATM card - so I'm reminded of them constantly).

I also use this time to review my "life list" - a list of goals that I want to accomplish over my lifetime. If you don't have one, MAKE ONE - it's the ultimate mission plan for YOU. I'm a huge believer in writing things down - if you don't write it down, you won't plan it, and if you don't plan for it, you won't achieve it. IT IS CRITICAL TO WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS - both for the New Year and for your life list.

You'll hear me use this phrase a lot: “Plan your dive, Dive your plan”. It was beaten into me at SEAL Team and it's a phrase to live by whether you're on a military mission or your own personal mission. In the case of exercise: Plan your exercise - Exercise your plan!

01JAN08 is the first day of whatever you want it to be - so figure out what Fires YOU UP inside - WRITE IT DOWN - PLAN FOR IT - EXECUTE. Never - EVER - give up on your dreams! You'll never be disappointed if you go after what Fires you Up! And of course, drop down and push'em out while you're planning your mission for 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Angel said...

Excellent Advice! I know 2008 is going to be a great opportunity for re-building and re-focusing on my goals. I can not agree more with the notion that it is important to write things down. We tend to commit more to things when we do that. I am well on my way to creating a healthier me. I was very hesitant to look into the perfect push-up because it seemed like a gimmick. The more and more I read reviews, however, and talk to friends of reputable background, I am convinced that this will be a part of my new regimen. I was wondering (and hoping) that you might come out with specific workout videos. I know you have videos that show technique, but I am hoping that, someday, there are all-inclusive and timed workouts that anyone at any level can follow (different videos for different levels of fitness). All the best in the New Year!

Andrew Douglas said...

I love the Perfect Pushup system. I have used it for over a month now. My chest now shows pecs that were never really there to begin with. My arms are bigger with a definitive increase in tricep size. But I am bummed now. I was diagnosed yesterday with rotator cuff tendonitus of my right shoulder. I thought it was just shoulder soreness after working out with the Perfect Pushups and that it would go away as the shoulder got stronger. It did not. I have to go to phys rehab starting next week. I have to get back using the Perfect Pushups again! I was at the 14,10,6 level two minute drill. I believe that when I am able to use the Perfect Pushup again I will have to start out on my knees. Anybody know a good shoulder rehab routine using the Perfect Pushup?