Saturday, December 29, 2007


Get yourselves FIRED UP - it's crunch time and it's time to raise your FITNESS game! Link up with an exercise buddy ~ we call them Swim Buddies in the SEAL teams ~ and walk, swim, ski, shovel snow, skate or hike. Take action to stay active and FIRED UP!

You won't regret it - these next few days are ground zero for resetting your mindset for taking control of your body - this is the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME to challenge yourself (and prove to yourself) that you ARE CONTROL of your body (and what you put into your mouth!).

Don't look at this holiday season as another missed opportunity to lose weight or fall off your fitness plan - use this time as a spring board to soar in 2008 - CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO START NOW/DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE FOG LIFTS AFTER NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! So grab your swim buddy and do what I did in the Teams: plan your dive, then dive your plan!



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Unknown said...

Dear Alden, how do you stay so handsome and fit and yet you subsist on a diet of punch and cake and men?
-Sean McCann