Tuesday, December 18, 2007


CHARLIE MIKE is Navy SEAL speak for Continue Mission.

It is also the guiding principle for me and my invention, The Perfect Pushup. I developed The Perfect Pushup based on the functional fitness training methodology I learned as a SEAL. Functional Training is the idea that people become healthier and more effective if they train the way they naturally move in their daily lives.

A healthy life should be everyone's ongoing mission. This blog is intended for anyone interested in learning more about functional training and the products that enable it. I look forward to working with all of you to Turn on Your Strength.




Matt Abrams said...

Alden - man - great picture of the kids and good to see 'em growing strong! Hope you're doing great and all the best to you and the family!


jimbo said...

how many pushup's you do a day and dose those pill work to that they ofer you.

Kayvan said...

Hi! I got your "Perfect Pushup" and I am loving it.

My goal since my 41st birthday in August has been to do twice my age in pushups everyday, in addition to everything else I do. I have kept that promise to myself and now have added the Perfect Pushup to that repertoire.

I look forward to reading this blog.

Best regards,


ALDEN said...

Kayvan, Jim, and Matt - thanks for the comments and apologies for the slow response.

Jim - to your comment - I try to do between 100-300 pushups a day depending on what other kind of workouts I do...and yes, I use those "pills" - the Perfect Power 3X - it's a combination of creatine monohydrate, caffeine, and fat metabolizers - it's a unique supplement and it rocks.

Kayvan - that's an AWESOME goal - keep that spirit alive, and while you're attacking that goal, try to do half your age in pullups - it's a helluva workout!

Matt! Great to hear from you buddy - definitely looking forward to catching up with you and hearing about your growing family! Now DROP DOWN and Push'em Out Mister!



Jay said...
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Jay said...

Hey fellas! And, HOOYAH to Alden!

No, I'm not a former SEAL. But, after my first 30 days of this program, I'm hoping to feel like one.

This very day I have decided to quit smoking! This day, I have also decided to begin my training for a better body, a better life-style, and a better ME! You've promised results of the better body (as long as I stay committed to this program), so I'm put'n your idealistism to the test! I purchased your Perfect Pushups nearly 2 weeks ago with faithful intention, and today I begin my journey. Reck'n I should take photographs?

Hope to find a cyber workout partner that needs the same encouragement as I to CHARLIE MIKE!

Push'em out, guys!


Anonymous said...

Alden - Awesome device - I use it everyday as I continue to use the Warning Order to guide my exercise schedule. Although I am no longer in the Navy, I spent time at BUD/s and feel as though pushups and pullups are the foundation of core strength. I am now finishing another stage in my life ( medical school ) and find the time to workout is becoming increasingly limited, thus lending even more credence to simple exercise routines like the pushup and pullup. I have patented a concept that I think would work very nicely in conjunction with your perfect pushups and would love to discuss it with you either via email or phone. I can be reached at declen007@mac.com. Thanks for your time and consideration. Bravo Zulu
~ MS

RobCamer said...

Alden, I saw Perfect Pushup advertised on TV and then picked it up. I was curious to see who the Navy Seal was on the back. I was surprised to see that I had spent more than a few occasions rowing on the Severn with this particular SEAL:-)

The perfect pushup is a great product and just what I needed for my sore shoulders. Congrats on bringing your product to market!

Rob Cameron
P.S. Please drop me an email at my blog if you have a chance.

Michael said...

My son sent me the Perfect Pushups for my 75th birthday, which was several days ago. He did this, I'm sure, because he knows that I've been doing pushups on a regular basis for over three years. I now usually do 160 consecutive full pushups, and have reached 200 twice. Over the past three years, my cumulative total now exceeds 80,000.

With all that, pushups using your equipment is MUCH harder -- for my first trials I can do 15-20, and I can really feel it in my chest and shoulders.

A welcome addition to my workouts.

Daniel said...

Hey! I was just wondering how much caffeine is in the perfect power 3x pills because the NCAA bands caffeine if the concentration in urine exceeds 15 micrograms/ml.
do you have any information on this?


Alden Mills said...

Daniel -- Here's the answer to your question, "How much caffeine is in the Perfect Power 3X pills" ... 99mg per serving.

Keep the questions coming!


Daniel said...

Thank you for the fast response, is there anyway to find out the amount per ml in urine?

Thanks again,

Alden Mills said...

Daniel, the only way to find that out is to have a urine analysis because every body assimilates things differently.

A cup of coffee has a approximately 120 – 150mg of caffeine so 99mg is not very compared to Red Bull, etc.

Hope this helps!